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Overwhelmed and not sure where to from here


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Hi all. I’ve been looking into a HT for while as I have been thinning through the crown and mid scalp for a few years.


I recently did SMP to add density to my hair but I think it’s too thin and diffuse for it to be helping much I’ve had a chance to grow my hair out a bit. 

I’ve been consulting with a few clinics regarding a HT and took this picture from the back last night after a haircut (skin fade obviously). Does this potentially look like I’m still going to recede and lose more? The thinning underneath the base of the crown/back of head wasn’t there even a few months ago. From memory my maternal grandfather was a NW 6-7 and I think that’s where my hair loss genetics could be from. I’m on fin/min/microneedling and using nizoral. Seems to be not doing anything.

I’ve been told will need anywhere between 3000 to 4200 grafts, and that my donor area isn’t great. Cost is a big factor for me. I could afford the basic level at Eugenix (75 inr per graft) or the exclusive at a stretch (120 inr per graft).

Most other reputable clinics such as Dr Path, Bicer, FueCapilar are either out of my price range or won’t take me as a client. Distance from Australia is a factor for me so I am leaning towards Thailand or India to get it done.

Or I just say f it, shave it and rock the SMP with a beard. Hair system is another option but the ongoing costs and maintenance don’t really appeal to me, and worry about it being detectable if someone touches my head. Also obviously can’t use topical min so would need to switch to an oral one in the meantime?


I’m overwhelmed and don’t know what I should do from here.







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With skin fades and shorter hair in general it can be harder to gauge recession, but from what I can tell your situation isn't impossible. I'd recommend growing your hair out a little longer, taking pictures in direct light and then re-doing your photos / consultations and seeing what the clinics suggest. I'd even consider sending for evaluations at top-tier surgeons, just to get their evaluation.

I do see where you're coming from regarding not seeing measurable results from the treatments you're on. That would be frustrating and disappointing for me. What I can say is that I didn't see 'results' from my Nizoral/Minox/Fin/Derma combo until a year or so after starting on it (and being consistent). Once I gave it the time, I made huge gains, to the point of almost forgetting about getting a HT entirely.

Regardless you've come to the right place at this forum. Definitely take your time doing your research, and consider price as one factor of your surgery.

Follow my second hair transplant journey below

Caucasian - 4613 Grafts - Eugenix, Dr. Arika Bansal

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@aftrdrk I'm an Aussie also. How old are you and how long have you been on fin/minoxidil for? If you could grow your hair out more it would help as SMP will give a false illusion of density (as it did with me). It looks like you have retrograde alopecia around the sides and at the nape. But firstly don;t even think of having surgery here in Australia. Secondly, if you have been told that you are not a candidate by the surgoens you mentioned AND they are out of your budget then I would forget surgery altogether. It won't be one surgery. You could contact Eugenix as they are excellent at utilizing beard grafts but I don't know how strong your beard is. If it were me (as you have no scars from prior work) I would definitely buzz it and stick with a good SMP artist like Caitlin James at SMP Australia. Wishing you all the best.

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