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Am I balding ?


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We need more regulation on this website when we get questions like this from young guys, some of these answers are not great, and the one above me is disingenuous and actually suggests for the guy to get off the forum.

To the OP, there are many genes that contribute to AGA (androgentic alopecia) or Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), and they will come from both sides of the family, so it is not enough to look at one parent or the other. The fact that your father is bald might suggest that you have some variation of these genes and could have some degree of MPB. Like yourself, MPB is more present on my father's side as my maternal grandfather and uncle both had a lot hair well into their late years and my father at 66 is not entirely bald either. 

In any case, your hair overall still looks great. The thinning we're seeing in your crown could be a slight onset of MPB so the best thing you can do for yourself is go get the opinions of a few dermatologists, doctors, maybe even hair transplant surgeons if you have good ones near you. Because the thinning appears too close to your cowlick, its hard for anyone to tell you here if that is anything to be concerned about . BUT go and make sure you know for sure so that you can understand your options if it is MPB. This is the type of issue that you have to get ahead of, you might be really lucky that you've come at such a young age and your problem is still minimal. 

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