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Regarding the pimple in my head

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It's been 3 months post op, but I'm having a pimple like this for like 80 days approximately. Is there anything to worry. The doctor adviced warm fomentation, but I'm afraid to bring heat near my head. Please help


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a pimple does not stay for 80 days, even if it's a recurring pimple, they would dissapear, then reappear. if you have this one same pimple for almost 3 months, i doubt it's a pimple. you

should check to dermatologist if you're worried or feeling any pain. it might be the tissue is healing in a weird manner, or it might be something not so good.

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That looks more like a light colored mole, or maybe a wart.  It appears pretty symmetrical, doesn't look inflamed. As we age we're more likely to accumulate weird little blemishes like this. If its not painful or itching, its probably nothing. Like has been said you'll need to go to a dermatologist to know for sure.

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What you are experiencing is perfectly normal at this stage of the game. Since new transplanted hair growth typically begins between 3 to 5 months after the procedure, you may sometimes experience pimples or ingrown hairs.

Using aloe vera, vitamin E oil or a couple other remedies may help treat these ingrown hairs if they start becoming more of an issue.  If you start experiencing a multitude of pimples and/or any of them begin to look infected for any reason, be sure to contact your surgeon immediately.

But for the most part, hair transplant patient experience this phenomenon in early stages of growth and it stops several months later.

I hope this helps.

Rahal Hair Transplant 


Rahal Hair Transplant Institute - Answers to questions, posts or any comments from this account should not be taken or construed as medical advice.    All comments are the personal opinions of the poster.  

Dr. Rahal is a member of the Coalition of Independent of Hair Restoration Physicians.

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