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FUT Donor Area Bleeding/popped staple

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Hi all,


just 1 day post op from an fut procedure. I have two questions…


1) is it normal for the donor area to be bleeding a bit at this point. I mean it’s not like gushing blood or anything but when I touch it lightly with a towel there is a small amount of blood on the towel

2) I can feel that one of the staples is sticking up where all the others are flat/flush with my skin (feels like maybe it kind of popped or something?). This is right in the same area as the small bleeding. 

Anything to be concerned about do you think? See pic below for reference. There is a large spot of dried blood over the staple which is what you can see for the most part - so maybe the staple is in and it’s just a big clump of dried blood, but as I said in this area there is still light bleeding. 

also you can see some of the other staples there which are clearly perfect and clean.


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Speak to your surgeon if you’re having concerns. 

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I did hear back after sending a picture to Dr Bloxham. Since I was not able to get a very clear photo it was tough for him to tell much with confidence. He told me I was bleeding from that area a bit more during surgery, so it was likely just a clump of dried blood over top of one of the staples. 

he told me to monitor for continued bleeding and that was the only time that he would be really concerned. The bleeding has stopped, and after a few days of gently washing the incision line, I agree it is likely a larger clump of dried blood.


will keep everyone updated in the next few days once I’m allowed to apply more pressure while washing!

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