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How many grafts would it take to approximately lower a hair about an 1 inch to 3/4 of an inch with good density

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Instead of going for a hair transplant since you want to look practically bald with a hairline, why don't you do SMP

The whole point of imo a hair transplant is to be able to have longer hair and hide the FUE/FUT scars with length/luck. 

Wanting to go near bald isn't going to work out well with a hair transplant imo unless you keep it near skin fade and SMP. Even then, i don't know if long term it's good because it fades over a 5 year period. 

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It's easy enough to make a guess. Measure the length of your current hairline, from temple to temple. 

Let's say it's 7 inches, or about 18 cm. If you lower your hairline 1cm and want high density of about 50 grafts/cm2... that would be 18 x 50 = 900 grafts.

If you want to lower it 1 inch (or 2cm), double it. 

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