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What Causes Eyebrow Hairloss?

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Alex Rosen is a popular YouTube personality. He basically hosts a "To Catch a Predator" series for the Youtube era. 

He is only 21, and for the longest time has been suffering from MPB. He must already be a NW6/7. He has been able to grow a luscious beard for what it's worth. 

In the last couple videos he's done, Alex's eyebrow hair seems to have fallen out. Like, very dramatically, his eyebrows are no longer there. 

There are also noticeable patches in Alex's beard. 

Can MPB cause eyebrow and/or beard loss, or is it just an unfortunate coincidence that he is a NW 6/7 and may have an unrelated immune or hormone issue causing hairloss elsewhere on his body?

His channel is "YA-BOY JDQ" on Youtube. Take a look at the last 3 videos compared to all the other ones. 

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I would say it may indicate a deeper underlying issue with the body and needs to be thoroughly checked. The eyebrows, beard etc. are not areas affected by DHT in the same MPB way but there are variants of Alopecia that due to auto immune issues etc. could manifest this way. 

I know that generally speaking people have been using Microneedling and Minoxodil on the eyebrows or beard area to try get a thickening effect or growth. Some respond well imo. 

I was personally thinking to try and use that method in areas around the cheek area closest to my mouth on the left and right side as well as just underneath the lower lip and chin area to try and bring it in line with the rest of my beard which is pretty dense. 

Also, i know some might not think it works much but also on the eyebrows, to help thicken them just a touch more and make em appear a little darker as a result hopefully. Eyebrows tend to become more sparse it seems as we age so i suppose you could also say it's a method to get ahead of things. 

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9 minutes ago, mr_peanutbutter said:

women often lose their eyebrows too, maybe even more often then men

This does appear to be the case, where as older guys (like me) eyebrows get bushier with each passing decade ! 😬

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