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  1. Sounds like he is taking 5mg daily for prostate issues and hoping it will also help his hair grow as an added benefit.
  2. No would be my opinion. Weed lowers your blood pressure. It may be out of your system by surgery but I wouldn't try it. It is a vasodilator. It relaxes blood vessels. Epinephrine is a vasoconstrictor and I think they use that to control bleeding during surgery. I used to smoke alot of weed 40 years ago. No problems really. I took three hits last year for kicks. Its legal in my state. It interacted with blood pressure medicine. I blacked out collapsed on the floor, hit my head on the stove 15 minutes after I smoked it. The long term health effects of weed on your cardiovascular system
  3. Anyone had touch up surgery on hairline after transplant. I hope I am wrong but I suspect the procedure I had 5 months ago will have some holes in it. I made need a few hundred grafts to patch up the areas where its sparse. Anyone had this done to augment an incomplete job??
  4. Great. I am coming up on month 5. Q: If the telogen phase (resting) is 3 to 4 months, why would new grafts pop up at say months 6-9. Is there something that causes an xtra delay?
  5. Survey: What month or period after surgery did you notice the most growth or progress? Month 4,5,6 ect.
  6. Im no surgeon, but it looks to me doc could almost cut that strip out FUT style and sew it back together. Sort of a scalp reduction surgery on the back of your head. He could place the grafts in the middle over scar to help hide. Looks like you would have about a 6 inch scar. Not too bad unless your really intent on mowing your head down to a 1. A 6 inch pencil thin scar wouldn't be that noticeable if you ask me
  7. Shouldn't make a huge difference. People take 5mg a day for enlarged prostate. I found a pharmacy in my town that sells 1mg generic finasteride pills for about 5 bucks a month. No more splitting. Yeah...
  8. I guess the real question is not do I want to get a hair transplant. The real question is am a I willing and able to have two or three procedures if necessary to get the results I want. Which could eat up 3-5 years of your life in ugly duckling limbo. Once you have a procedure you'll cross examine your result 50 trillion times. You may succumb to hair greed and want more. Once you decide to proactively change your appearance you will never be happy going halfway. That said, I would spend more money up front and go with a top surgeon assuming you have the money and the donor hair to pull
  9. I just looked up this video for kicks. This tune could almost be the international hair transplant theme song...
  10. The scar itself looks good. Looks like shock loss, if its temporary in another year it will be gone. Think of shock loss like a divorce. Your wife of many years says she wants divorce, then takes half your money. In the long run you'll get over it but it wont happen overnight. I am recovering from my second procedure now and the only thing I am certain of is if it involves hair regrowth it happens (VERY, VERY, SLOWLY). I think Tom Petty sang it in a song lyric "waiting is the hardest part"!
  11. By temple area I meant just above the ear.
  12. The incision can vary in length and width depending on how many grafts they are trying to get, scalp laxity , your norwood scale and weather the temple region in the safe zone on a particular patient. They can go into temple region if warranted. A single scar could be almost 12 inches depending on size of head and grafts harvested ect. For instance lets say you want 3000 grafts. They might make incision 8 inches long and 1.5cm wide first surgery. On second surgery with less laxity left they might make strip 12 inches long and 1 cm wide to get another 3000. I think its all depends on
  13. Get your donor properly evaluated B4 you do anything. Get more than one expert opinion. If that is good I would go on Fin for a year and see what happens. Then transplant. Remember, their is one thing worse than being bald. That's being bald, paying someone a ton of money to fix it. Waking up with a screwed up head, in a ton of debt and still being bald. Get informed, proceed with caution. Good luck
  14. Im guessing your a Norwood 6. I could certainly be wrong but I would guess two strip surgeries followed by a FUE add on. Assuming of course you have enough stable donor hair. Maybe 6000-8000 grafts. Cost 25-30 grand if done in USA. You might spend 2 or 3 years of your life waiting for hair to come in. Get eval from several top docs B4 you do anything. Otherwise, shave your head and see if you like it. Their is light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel is VERY long and Very dark. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Kinda depends on what your goal is. I would start with the front hair line and w
  15. Even during a lock down societies tend to give special exemptions for medical purposes. IE you can get out of jury duty if you get note from doctor. Also, since your under the care of a doctor while your their they will hopefully maintain a safer environment than a restaurant or theater. Also, your bringing revenue into the country for a very express purpose. Obviously Canada doesn't see it that way but many other countries might depending on their particular covid policy. Im guessing a medical visa grants you an exemption to their travel ban whatever it is.
  16. Greetings: I know the telogen phase is about 3 months under normal circumstances. How long does it take all grafts to pop out after surgery? I know the maturation process takes almost a year but when can you tell your not getting anymore new grafts popping out. Does surgical trauma cause grafts to remain dormant longer than three months. Why would it take a graft 6 or 8 months to show itself if telogon is 3-4 months. I cant find an explanation for this disparity anywhere. thanx...
  17. If you get a biopsy, it will tell you what percent of hairs are telogen, antigen, and miniaturizing ect. If high percent is minaturizing you may experience more shock loss. Happened to me. Biopsy is about 400 bucks. If that is the case it might be best to get a high concentration of grafts in small area like frontal third then you will have enough permanent grafts to cover area regardless of shock loss. It cost me 25 thousand bucks to learn this the hard way. Its worse than a hit of bad acid. Trust me... I would work on your hairline first with high density packing. You going to need m
  18. Infection very unlikely, more likely clumps of dead skin cells sloughing off. Your doing better than me. I'm at day 95 and my head is still pink. If you get a flair up you can dab it with a little rubbing alcohol. At day 10 you can wash head under shower. Then warm water will help exfoliate more.
  19. I would contact Dr. Gabel. H+W arent open due to covid. YOu could do virtual appointment but cant get into Canada due to Covid. You could Maybe put 2500 in the front third and see what happens. You are very young and hair loss never sleeps. If you do a small amount in front you could get shock loss then you'll regret it and have to get 2nd procedure again. Don't F around. I learned this the hard way. You may want to wait a few years B4 you do anything and see how you progress. Here is James Garner in his 40s and then his 80s. As you can see at 28 you have a long life to de
  20. Had sutures removed two weeks ago. Still pink along stitch line. Scalp tight, tissue regenerating I guess.
  21. Greetings: Three weeks post op from FUT. Still have bruising pain along temple areas where incision was made. Don't think its infected, maybe just sore and tight. Is this typical for FUT. My first surgery didn't have this long a recovery. Thanx
  22. Had 2300 grafts put in 16 days ago. What do you think? Q: When do hairs start shedding? Think I will be purple for months though. All I want for xmas is hair. LOL... Happy 4th!!! Thanx
  23. Advice: Go see a good dermatologist. Could be dermatitis, folliculitus, irritation from some topical, ect. ect. You might benefit from clobetasol shampoo, if necessary, (prescription required). There are dozens of minor skin ailments. Could be allergic reaction to something or many other things. Dr. of Derm will settle it for you. Call now. Better to know than wonder and worry.
  24. Long story short. Finasteride NOW!!!. Surgery later. If you have good donor supply. Sorry for your loss. Just thought I would be blunt. No need to sugar coat the truth. Go see a good doc to get a free evaluation. They don't need to charge. They know you will be back when your ready to have your head turned into a pin cushion. Welcome to our exclusive club. Membership is free. You might try shaving your head to see if you like it. Otherwise this is the beginning of a life long war with the mirror in your bathroom if you choose to fight on. " A Cure"! please don't make me
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