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Hi, I'm a long time (5+ years) lurker and first time asking a question!

I'm thinking of having a hair transplant this or the next year. I've decided upon a few doctors from reading this forum, but I have no idea whether they are in a similar quality and price range.

The doctors I'm thinking about are Dr Pinto, Dr Feriduni, Dr Freitas and Dr Ferreira.

I tried to contact Dr Juan Couto, but they said they are full and don't accept any new reservations (or maybe they do only from football players).

If it helps, I'm 33 years old, NW5 and have no previous transplants. Hair loss started in high school, and it has been slowing down every year.


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The spanish doctors are elite and then it goes down.

Dr Couto is the best of the best i guess so lol is really hard to get him. I would have choosen Dr pinto, Dr.Freitas, Dr.ferreira and Dr.feriduni in that order. 


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