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Removing scabs with fingernails

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Hey guys,

I had my surgery recently and on day 10 post op had a lot of buildup in the recipient area that wasn’t coming out with just washing or using my fingertips.

I very gently used my nail to remove all the crusts that came off pretty easily. No pain or bleeding and I never forced anything off. I’m now reading that this is a big no no so I’m a bit concerned I may have damaged the grafts by doing this?

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10 hours ago, mafpe said:

if you removed them gently without forcing anything, and there is no pain nor bleeding, i think you're safe.


As far as that picture, it looks like things are healing quite fast.  It doesn't appear you have anything to worry about.

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Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to use your fingernails when removing scabs. I always tell people to gently use your fingertips and not the nails, my massaging the scab in a circular motion until it gently falls off. That said, the only real danger using the nails is the tendency to pick hard and force the scab off.  Therefore, if the scab was already essentially coming off and you just use your nail to gently take it off without forcing it, you should be fine.

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