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What Norwood am I and what can I expect?

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Hi guys. 35m here. I've been thinking about HT for 2 years but not been able to due to a number of reasons. I'm not biting the bullet but not sure how it'll be for me. A lot of the images I see of HT are people with receding hairlines but mine is just thin in the middle. I've had quotes from Hair of Istanbul but have decided to spend more and go with Dr Bicer. She says I'd get about 3800 grafts focusing mainly on the front (I'm not bothered about the crown tbh).

The qurstis what Norwood am I and what do you think I can realistically achieve? Is there anyone on here who is like me with result

Thank you


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Welcome to the forum @ThinningIndian. It's difficult to tell from the photos you've uploaded but you look to me from the first picture to be a Norwood 6. I don't know how old you are but you could well advance to a Norwood 7 in the future. Dr Bicer is a recommended surgeon from the forum and she has put out some great work. If you are not concerned about the crown then you make an even greater hair transplant candidate. Are you taking finasteride or anything else for your hair?

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Pics are too dark, but I'd have to agree with @Gatsby that you're a NW6 in the making.  You have to assume that every hair on top will be gone in a couple years, unless you get on fin, and even that won't keep them for very long.  Fin might be good to help keep your crown and lateral humps from dropping.

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