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Help Me Find A Clinic Abroad

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a clinic abroad (hopefully to save money -- I'd like to keep it under/around $10K) that meets a few parameters and was hoping someone could help me:

1) I want them to do FUT and FUE. I think that certain people are better candidates for each, and I would like a doctor who offers both. For example, I don't want the doctor to recommend FUE because that is all they do, when I am a better candidate for FUT.

2) I want the doctor not to do Megasessions. I don't want a doctor who does Megasessions (over 3000 grafts) because I think they lead to lower survival rates much of the time and depletes the donor area. I have also seen a lot of FUE Megasessions from clinics that clearly harvest from outside the safe donor area. I'm sure this will look good in the short term, but in the long term, many of their transplanted hairs will fall out.

3) I want a doctor who is a member of the ABHRS and ISHRS. This one is less important to me, results are more important, but it is something I would want.

The closest doctor I have found to someone I am looking for is Dr Bisanga. But, to me, it looks like he harvests outside of the safe donor area sometimes with his FUE procedures (going up too high -- photo included here that I found on the forum) and does Megasessions. However, he does FUT/FUE and, even though he isn't an ABHRS member, is an ISHRS member.

As you can tell, I am conservative in my approach/goals. Please let me know if you can help me.


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1. Just to add on, FUT is a lot less popular abroad. So you may not find as many doctors doing FUT. That said, you can consult multiple clinics to get a feel for whether you should go for FUT or FUE after which you can proceed to find doctors that do the surgery that you want. Basically figure out the type of surgery first, then figure out the doctors that perform that surgery

2. A lot of doctors don't think there's that much of a difference between FUE/FUT anymore. I honestly feel like in 90% of scenarios, it's a case of patient preference

3. If you don't want a doctor to do megasessions, just ask them not to. But a doctor who has the skills should not be a negative.

4. Board certification is great but the ABHRS is American. I'm not sure a European doctor would certify themselves with an American board

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