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Recommendations for FUE physician

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Hey all. With the amount of options for clinics out there I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Every time I narrow it down to one, and things are looking good, I find a bunch of horror stories. My question is: where did you go for yours? I was quoted around 3k grafts at most places, and I want to get it done in February.   With my budget I straight away was drawn to Turkey:

I've been looking in to:  


\-HLC (I know HLC is good, but they don't have availability for a while)

But I'm also open to flying somewhere closer. Going all the way to Turkey is a bit daunting. I'm in Canada. Are there any solid options closer to home that are within my 10k budget? Or is Turkey the way to go for this price range?  

About me: 

-29 years old

-hair recessed at the temples only

-hair loss now stabilized

-quoted 2.5-3k grafts from a few doctors (although this was purely through online consultations)

Thanks in advance

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33 minutes ago, SadMan2021 said:

If you only do 2 minutes of basic research on this site you will find 2 of the best HT docs in the world are in Canada. 

What Norwood Level are you?

2.5-3k grafts seems like a sh*t ton if you only need your temples filled in. 

I was quoted 25,000 dollars in Canada and my budget is 10.

I’m a NW 3

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Acar and Serkan Aygin are low-cost clinics where technicians do the entire procedure, Acar and Serkan you will only see them to draw your hairline with the marker and then they will disappear.  HLC is a great clinic, but as @digi23 says you might look to Bicęr that she is doing a great job and she seems to be number one as post-transplant care.

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Can you post pics so we can get a better idea of your hair loss. Have you looked into Dr Bicer? I know it’s difficult but if you start with the budget as your first criteria then in the long run you will be looking at paying a whole lot more. You have Hasson and Wong who are pretty hard to go past. This is life altering surgery. You only get one chance to get it right. All the best. 

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With 10k budget for 3k grafts you can get De Freitas or Bruno Ferreira. Yes, the waiting time is bigger(no wonder why) but the chance to get a successful, aesthetic result is also significantly higher. HLC used to be in my top as well, but recently I have seen some not so good results from them (check @EvansLawrence and @bloodhound)

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