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What stage is this? Is Eugenix my only good option?

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Definitely consider Eugenix and maybe Medispa if your looking for a combo ht, they are good with FUT/FUE/BHT in one session. Or maybe Hattingen if your looking for a mega FUT to really maximise your donor area. If you do have a good beard then that could be a invaluable source for those extra grafts. Be good to see a pic of your donor area. 

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2 minutes ago, DenverBroncos said:

No, never. Is that a good thing?

Yes it will help ! As your now on fin/Minox it should hopefully remain. Looks like you have a lot of miniaturised hairs, which should hopefully Improve over the course of the next 12 months of you being on Fin/Minox. Definitely get some consulting done in the meantime ! It’s good you didn’t let your hair loss progress as it would have ended up a total Norwood 6. At least right now you have some hair to retain/improve. 

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Just now, DenverBroncos said:

Thanks, what can I expect from Eugenix? I'm guessing it will never look completely full again?

Depends on your donor area and beard, until I see pics I can’t tell. But if you have realistic expectations than you should be ok. You only have to look at the @Zoomsteror @paddyirishman + @IrishWarrior to know what’s possible ! And I could name countless others…. Just put Eugenix in the search thread and have at it 😉

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