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Oral Dut


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Hi everyone, 

I added .5mg of Oral Dut to my regimen 6+ months ago. I take Dut Sunday and Wednesday and 1mg fin on the other days. This is alongside topical minox. 

My hairline has gotten worse during this period at a more aggressive pace than it was before. I have concerns that I may be sensitive to T. I was shedding like crazy for a time but that has slowed which is a positive.

I understand that shedding is part of the process and six months may be too early to abandon ship on oral dut. I just don’t see how the hair loss during this time on my hairline comes back stronger.

Appreciate any insight you guys may have. Whether to wait longer or other options. Let me know if you need more info. 

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Let me tag @win200 who used oral dut for some time. Can you share some pictures?

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Thank you@Melvin- Moderator 

The before pics are all taken in December of 2020. They were not great in terms of lighting/angle/hair was done etc. so I tried to duplicate tonight with the new pics. I’ve since taken better pics but wanted to stay consistent for the post.

My hair is longer now on top and the side now, but it’s clear the difference.










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