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Need advice regarding transplant

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I’m 25 from Mumbai,India. Im not taking any meds currently. Im wondering if I’m too late for a hair transplant. What do you suggest, Ive attached a few pics.

*Is it too late for FUE now that im norwood 6?

*what do you think about my donor area?

*which procedure do you think would help me better FUE/FUT?

*how many grafts would I require?

*What should I expect after a procedure? I know transplants give the illusion of density, but can I expect a good hairline and overall coverage from a procedure?

*any recommendations for good mid range doctors in India?








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@Htthrowaway998 you are progressing to NW7 so you will need at least 7000 grafts.

In India there’s only 1 choice for mega sessions which is Dr. Arika at Eugenix. 

She will probably be also taking +2000 beard grafts to add density to your crown. 

Check with Dr. Arika is she still thinks it’s worth taking Finasteride for 6 months before to strengthen your donor area and stop your hairloss (you don’t have much more to lose). 

Wish you all the best for your HT.

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Eugenix are amazing at combining FUE/Beard grafts. And Medispa do some pretty good combo hts FUT/FUE or even triple if needed FUT/FUE/BHT.

I’m aware that Eugenix are considered expensive for India but they really are worth the extra cost IMO. 

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15 minutes ago, Scotch said:

But Eugenix has different packages with different prices. So he can select the one he can afford.

Depends on need and affordability. Difficult choice though, to truly maximise our donor area then it can be wise to go FUT/FUE which would be Medispa.

But Eugenix are getting very good graft numbers by combining FUE/Beard.. to the OP I would say spend time looking at as many cases as you can find. Both Eugenix/Medispa have lots here. Eugenix has more patient posted reviews.

Here is the pricing:


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1 minute ago, Scotch said:

I wouldn't do an FUT, cause i'm worried that the scar might strech. I would prefer BHT rather than FUT.

Which packages would u choose from Eugenix? If price matters for you?

So medispa is generally cheaper than Eugenix...

That’s up to the OP to choose. I have had x2 FUT and x3 FUE. Like Melvin I will be choosing Eugenix next purely to get Beard grafts, they absolutely excel in this area. Medispa are cheaper than Eugenix yes. I have always been impressed with the combo hts they perform. Especially the triple ones 👍🏽

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It's never too late to commence finasteride and in many ways the higher the Norwood the better. You want to keep as much hair (and donor) as possible without further miniaturization. Also finasteride at these levels can be the difference between being a candidate and not. But you would want to really trial finasteride for at least a good six months prior to surgery to see how you tolerate the drug. All the best.

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