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  1. Kesser doesn’t use a microscope during surgery so I would rule him out. He also doesn’t speak any English which makes him a recluse of the international ht Doctors world/conferences. Bisanga is obviously more experienced than HLC or Pekiner but also more expensive. At HLC price point I highly advise Dr. Bruno Ferreira that charges the same price with a more skilled technique (also Doctor only surgery).
  2. I didn’t hide the scar when I did FUE+BHT because the FUT scar is unnoticeable with a number 2 razor haircut so I didn’t want to waste precious donor area on hidding the scar. My friend Ricardo also went to Pekiner and he did SMP to hide his scar a few months prior to the surgery.
  3. @Rossybop that’s just another Turkish hairmill. Turkey is the world capital of botched hair transplants because people are lured by the low cost price and amazing (fake or cherry picked) videos on social media or the clinic website. Never ever have a surgery with a Doctor that doesn’t have several real patients showing their results over the course of several months (patients that post before and after pictures are either fake or clinic representatives) In Turkey there are only two safe options: HLC and Dr. Kaan Pekiner.
  4. @Hamit38 follow Dr. Pekiner advise and start taking Finasterid because it will stop your hairloss and strengthen your donor area. Best of luck with your surgery.
  5. @Hamit38 you are comparing Asmed which is a high price hairmill where techs do surgery on up to 8 patients per day with a highly skilled doctor only surgery by one of the best Doctors in Turkey. Asmed was kicked out of HRN for unethical behavior towards patients that are HRN members. As a patient of Dr. Pekiner i have to say I find this comparison ridiculous because I had Dr. Pekiner sitting next to me for 3 days doing my whole surgery using stick&place (a highly skilled and demanding technique that’s also used by Dr, Konior in the US) which something you don’t get at harmills like As
  6. Revolut is much better because there are zero taxes with this card plus the exchange rate favors euro/usd/gbp. I never travel without Revolut! You can even make cash withdrawals without taxes (limited amount per week).
  7. I do believe this is the standard in Turkey. I went to a top Doctor in Turkey and only was allowed to wire the booking deposit the rest was paid in cash euros on the first day of the surgery. I traveled with 7000€ in cash and was quite scared of carrying around that much money but I had the clinic driver waiting for me at the airport and the Hotel was across the street from the clinic.
  8. @Melvin-Moderatorthis new member has clearly joined HRN with sole purpose of promoting this Turkish Harmill and critize any other HRN member that has given the very sound advice to stay away. I do agree with @UnbaldEaglethat a bann should be in order as this seems to be a Turkish rep claiming to be a UK national but using google translator to troll and promote his hairmill.
  9. I have been a member of HRN for the past 12 years and you joined 11 minutes ago and proceed to acuse a senior member of working for a black market clinic whilst promoting a Turkish hairmill using google translator proficiency of English when you claim to live in the UK. @Melvin-Moderator will surely agree that this very odd behavior from a newly joined member. I had two hair transplants using different techniques, FUT with Dr,. Rahal and FUE+BHT with Dr. Pekiner. So I do consider myself to have something to contribute at HRN and I’m honest when commenting the positives and negat
  10. Congratulations on taking the leap towards a full head of hair. Your recipient area at 9 days is simply amazing and the hairline design is perfect with a very natural look. The donor looks very clean like all other Dr. BF patients. Keep posting pictures so we can follow your progress. Wish you all the best!
  11. If you are dead set on a FUE mega session with BHT you should book Eugenix. They are by far the clinic with the highest count of successful mega sessions.
  12. John it’s not a Portuguese thing for a small country to be proficient in other languages (Portugal, Scandinavian countries, etc) while bigger countries focus just on their own language and even dub movies into their own language (Italy, Spain, Brasil, France,etc). Feel sorry for these people that never heard the real voice of movie icons like Eddy Murphy or Robin Williams. Here in Portugal we all grow up listening to original movies, tv and English or Spanish music and that’s why we are more prepared to understand foreign languages. This is why all Portuguese can speak Spanish (or E
  13. This troll was kicked out and came back again with different names but it was so easy to identify his trademark arrogant ignorance that he managed to get kicked out again.
  14. I know the physical and emotional strain a HT surgery takes and if I had the chance to go from NW6 to a full head of hair in one surgery with masters like H&W, Dr. Muresanu or Dr.Sethi, I wouldn’t hesitate because they have a great track record on doing mega sessions.
  15. Eugenix, HLC and Pekiner are the best at combined FUE+BHT.
  16. @SLA I fully agree with @Melvin-Moderator and urge you to try to get a 8000 graft surgery with Hasson&Wong thus saving your FUE & BHT donor area for any future intervention. If you are dead set on FUE then go for a 8000 grafts FUE+BHT megas session at Eugenix but that might depleat your donor and then - no more FUE or FUT for you!
  17. I would forget about FUE+BHT and book a mega session FUT with either H&W of Hattingen Clinic Dr. Muresanu. You will need 8000 grafts and both these clinics can handle 8000 grafts in just one surgery if you chose FUT. You will have more remaining donor area available for future FUE surgeries if you start by depleating your FUT donor area like I did.
  18. Great you were lucky enough to see him but my post is backed by several real patients that didn’t see Erdogan and were botched by techs. Your post say you saw him involved in other surgeries but it isn’t clear on the involvement Dr. Erdogan had with your surgery. Dr. Erdogan did your whole surgery? Only asking because I can copy paste threads from several real patients claiming that this doesn’t happen and that they indeed saw several patients having surgery on the same day (not by Erdogan).
  19. Pekiner worked at HLC for several years. I recommend HLC as safet bet because Pekiner doesn’t take risks and may abort a surgery if he finds miniaturized hairs while HLC has several Doctors and they nevee back down from a challenge.
  20. @Ali4981 I was harsh crossing out Dr. Arshad but it truly annoys me when people working in this field show utter negligence like recommending a hairmill just because the Doctor that runs the hairmill was once renowned Doctor. Like Melvin told you Dr. Arshad has several real patients results posted at HRN so you should analyze them and see if you like his work. If you do and his price is on par with his skill then book him! You have my chart that compares technique/patients per day/ doctor involvement and price. Use it to reach your own conclusions and don’t listen to patient reps the
  21. True but nowadays most of his patients don’t get to see him when they have surgery at Asmed. Cinik was also once a reputed Doctor but nowadays he’s not present at the clinic because he has the technicians doing surgery on up to 10 patients per day. This approach allowed Cinik to afford advertising in the English Soccer Premier League (one of the most expensive ad space in Europe). Sorry but I firmly believe that people that make a living working in this field should be aware that these Doctors are actually hairmills.
  22. ASMED (Erdogan) is a high price Turkish Hairmill doing up to 8 tech run surgeries every day and they were kicked out of HRN for unethical behavior towards several of their botched patients that are members of HRN. I don’t understand how someone working in this field can recommend you to go to a high price hairmill like ASMED for that reason alone I would cross out Dr. Arshad. Demirsoy is half the price of ASMED does just 1 patient ler day and has several real patients posting decent results. His technique is old school and not something I would chose but for the price/quality it’s onl
  23. Totally understand. Sadly we won’t see much on HRN because he’s affiliated with Dr. Lorenzo so he can’t promote his work and almost all of the patients from his own clinic don’t take the time to post at HRN or any other forum.
  24. I consider Dr. BF to be on a different league because besides the 8 years of experience he has in this field he has been working alongside Dr. Lorenzo for the past 2 years developing his skills.
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