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Dr. Demirsoy 3300 Grafts 12 Month FUE Results


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Surgery Date: October 8th 2020
Punchsize: .85mm
Treated areas: Front, Top, Crown
Price 1.25 per graft 
Medication: Fin (2+ years)
Supplement: Biotin (started a month after surgery)
Minoxidil: No  
This forum has helped me so it’s only fitting I write up a decent and honest review of my experience. 
When looking for a doctor I was looking for one one in my budget as well as a doctor who put out consistent results. Doctor Demirsoy checked off a few of my boxes with budget, consistency, as well as performing most of the surgery. Also what stood out was he does one surgery a day and has been doing this for over 20 years.
I knew going into this more then likely I wasn’t going to get mind blown results. For starters most of my work was being done on the hairline and he’s far from being a hairline king. He’s also very conservative with his hairline approach a little bit to much for my personal liking but I did speak to him before his surgery and told him exactly what I wanted. Also most of his results aren’t over the top amazing. There consistent but most are not grand slam caliber.
When drawing the hairline Demirsoy drew up a very conservative hairline and I was like yeah I didn’t travel all the way here for my hairline barely to move. He lowered the hairline and I told him I wanted a rounded hairline no V shape. He made some adjustments I noticed that the marker was a little bit off on one side but I assumed that would
be corrected. Instead of a high dense pack hairline, he recommended it to be spread out so I don’t have areas of my hair being inconsistent in terms of density which made sense.
Surgery went fine nothing really to report. After surgery I went to use the bathroom I noticed that my left side of the hairline/temple was un-even. I told the doctor as well as his assistant and he pretty much dismissed it quickly. Didn’t even check. He said it’s from the swelling. I took the doctor’s word and didn’t push it any further.
After a few weeks go by and the swelling is gone can’t help to notice the uneven hairline. I reached out to the doctors assistant he tried explaining it but I wasn’t really buying what he said. Some will say natural hairlines are a lot of times uneven. Which is true however I’m paying for this and I didn’t want a uneven hairline. With one side rounded and the other one not. It bothered me still does but no point of getting annoyed over spilled milk as there were other issues to follow. 
Anyway then came the waiting game. During this time I suffered and I mean SUFFERED from Neuralgia. Wow barely could sleep. Barely could get comfortable. Shock waves thru my body. This lasted about 2-3 weeks. If your experiencing this. Take B3 vitamins. 
I was using baby shampoo and then switched to Nizoral because the dandruff was intensifying. This stuff works immediately. My dandruff was gone in just a matter of a week or two.  
I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 
From first pre surgery to currently. Majority of pictures are taken with me coming out of the shower so my hair is wet.
Maybe I was expecting too much from one surgery? I don’t know I’ve seen post with people with a lot less hear getting much better results. 
Maybe I thought I had a more hair then I really did have?
Maybe I needed a second surgery regardless?
Or is doctor Demirsoy just a mediocre doctor with Mediocre results?  
This was doctor Demirsoy response as I was not pleased with the density in the front.
“ The donor area hairs can be effected from dht. The low yield can be low because of this .after the transfer of the hairs it can be that some of the hairs not survive .Under the skin sometimes can be a lower blood circulation  which not support the transplanted grafts 100%.
it must be thicken on a second surgery ,he can help you by making a second session .
Sometimes finasteride not works 100% and it can be that the hair loss still continue .If you wouldn’t use probably the hair loss would continue rapidly.
The front can be thicken on a second session .It is possible to increase the density on a second session. “ 
I didn’t even respond back. Would never go back.










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Can you share some of the images separately? For the example the immediate post op is hard to see when it's a smaller thumbnail like that, as well as the month 10/11/12 photos.

You've also done your best to show these results in the worst possible light by showing us lots of wet hair pics. Do you have any dry hair pics that we can see individually?


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It's not bad, the hairline is just obviously lacking in density. Easy fix, but I can tell you straight away what the issue is.

You had 3300 grafts and they were used to tackle a very large area. For a properly dense hairline that I would call a home-run result (and looking at your pre surgery picture) I would say you need 2500-3000 grafts for this area alone. Granted, I am aware the density will have been focused on the frontal part, you've still probably got 1500 grafts plus of your total amount not in the hairline, tapering back into your mid-scalp and crown.

Maybe 1000-1300 grafts in that frontal hairline bleeding slightly into the hair behind and you should be good to go.

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