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  1. My donor looked great. I didn’t have any concerns in regards to the pain until the 4 or 5th day in my donor area. I started to get concerned because my donor looked too normal for me to be in the pain that I was in. Thats when I was aware that this was neuralgia that I was experiencing. Some of the worst sleepless nights of my life. I thought my head was going to fall off. It lasted for a long week and a half. i still have mild symptoms but nowhere near as before. Even though the pain started to wear off I started taking B Complex yesterday just to make sure this doesn’t come ba
  2. The response I was looking for. Thank You i have been applying cold aloe Vera (plant) to my donor area. At times I almost feel after applying it that my head has a buzzing feel to it. The other night was some wild shit, I had no idea what was going on.
  3. Yea but after a week there all gone. Just trying to see whether this is common and how long it last for.
  4. 8th Day in and passed few nights I’m experiencing some crazy pain in my donor area. The way I can best describe it as pins and needles sticking me or someone constantly poking me. Especially when I lay down to go to bed at night I feel it the most since I’m putting pressure on the donor area. is this normal and how long does this last?
  5. Thanks. 4 days FUE Just minor swelling and obviously itchy as hell. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Thanks I actually did that and didn’t have a reaction at all. Just want to make sure not to put something on the graphs that could potentially damage them.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I’ll look into the olive oil. in regards to aloe Vera Gel or the Aloe Vera Juice are both safe to use?
  8. is 99% Aloe Vera Juice bad after a few days after surgery to contain the itching? I would probably feel more comfortable spraying a midst over the recipient and donor area as opposed to putting a gel on but figured I’d ask.
  9. Covid has really made this so much more frustrating. My original appointment was back in April and my flight got canceled. i rescheduled for October. Now I found out the other day from the airlines that my departing flight leaves first thing in the morning instead of much later in the evening. this throws a huge wrench into the post op visit. I reached out to the doctor and he said that he will go over everything with me before surgery in regards to the post op visit and a few days after surgery to remove the bandages. He said it’s been done before by other patients.
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