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Starting microneedling, and need some help


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Hi guys,

I have just joined and this is my first post. If this topic is not under the right section, I apologise.

I have recently bought a dermapen and will start microneedling and also use Minoxidil.

I have seen a lot of tutorials etc, but Im not sure how to approach it.

my main worry is infection. Do i need a disinfectant?
Do I wash my hair before and after microneedling? do I apply disinfectant before or after microneedling?
I know that I should wait appx 24hrs to apply Minoxidil. I am planning to use 1.5mm.

appreciate all the help

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Yes, you need to disinfect the dermaroller each time you use it. You can use alcohol. I would definitely wash my hair before, make sure the scalp is clean. I wouldn't wait a full day a few hours should be okay.

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3 hours ago, chronic88 said:

thank you for your reply.  I bought a derma pen, so I should dip the needles inside the disinfectant before using it?

Yeah I use isopropyl rubbing alcohol, can be bought online at a pretty low cost

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