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Eugenix India- difference between premium and super premium

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For anyone who have performed their HT from Eugenix India, what's the difference between premium and super premium? Premium costs roughly AUD4/ graft and super premium AUD7/ graft. But it looked like they're more or less the same, and both with be done by Dr. Arika. Should I go for premium or super premium? 

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The super premium for an Aussie works out today at being just over 4 Euro's! To me for who your going to that is cheap. Plus you still have cheaper prices with qualified staff guided by Dr Arika. One of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world!

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After my surgery at Eugenix, I can tell you that slits creation and extraction are the most important steps. Implantation is not important even though it sounds like the most important step because the implantation angle of the graft is determined by the existing slits and you are merely inserting the extracted graft. Extraction is also important since the surgeon determines which portion of the donor area is safe to extract and more importantly, what kind of grafts to use where, namely singles, doubles and triples.


If you find Super Premium a bit expensive, I would recommend you to go for exclusive instead of premium since they are pretty much the same and the difference in money is worth it.

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