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How to manage topical Finasteride among family?

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Hello everyone, 

I've used dualgen-5R in combination with topical finasteride (from minoxidilmax) since a few weeks ago. I apply it every night, let it dry out for about 2 hours then go to sleep. Since I'm married and have a baby boy I'm getting uneasy about using it since I'm afraid that my wife and son will get traces of finasteride on them. I try to keep my distance to my wife during those 2 hours until it dries out because she can unknowingly touch my hair and get finasteride on her, and the same for my son (though he sleeps before I apply the solution).

But... I just thought about the pillow, what if I leave traces of finasteride on it? My wife sleeps besides me (of course) and could get traces of finasteride on her, and the same for my son. Is it possible or am I just too cautious? Could topical finasteride therefore be a huge risk in a family? Would Love to hear your opinions and for those in similar situation, how do you handle it?

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I just use the oral pill with no issues, so no personal experience with the topical. But its women handling the finasteride when they're pregnant that can potentially cause birth defects during the baby's development in the womb. You're baby's been born, so you're past that point.

The formulations for topical finasteride from what I've read are usually about 0.25% of the total solution you are putting on your head. Meaning 99.75% of what you are putting on your head is not finasteride.  If you're applying it hours before you put your head on the pillow that's plenty of time for the whole solution to be absorbed.  

But if you want to be extra careful, you can apply it in the morning and shower at night, or keep applying it at night and make sure your wife is on birth control/using contraception so she doesn't accidently become pregnant and put your pillow up in the closet when you're not using it.




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