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  1. The thing is that with a bald/shaved head, I only got one look, and that's the bad/tough and more masculine look (even though I'm far away from a bad guy). I get tired of having the same look day after day. And It became extremely obvious to me that people behaved differently towards me when I started shaving. I got generally more "respect" and taken more seriously but I also often feel like some people are little intimidated haha As my work is having me meet alot of people, I would love to have the option to switch my look depending on circumstances. And another big factor is frankly that I
  2. I was around 22 years (about 10 years ago), a close friend in university told me that my hair was thinning. So I asked other friends if it were true because I didnt see any thinning, and no one noticed anything. So I thought that my friend was jealous because I got more girls But after about 2 years, I heard it from my sisters husband, and when I examined really closely I noticed that I really started to get thinner hair. I immediately jumped on minoxidil. But around 2 years ago, the hair loss started accelerating and it became very obvious that I was balding and I couldnt keep the same
  3. Looking really nice 👌 Do you usually cut the hair Short on the sides and back? How does the donor area look?
  4. @Rossybop Wow man it looks really good, basically untouched. Hope the results in the recipient area will be just as Good. Cant wait to see your progress in the coming months
  5. Sounds great man, really hope you get great results. Can you please upload a photo after you buzz the sides and back, would love to see how well the donor area healed and held up. Cheers mate.
  6. Do you remeber when the scar stretched? When is was (or should have been) completely healed? I am considering FUT but this made me concerned
  7. I started taking ginger shots (for health reasons) every day the past month and after 1-1/2 weeks use my folliculitis on the hair were gone. Nothing the doctors had prescribed me before had helped, so I was very surprised that suddenly the folliculitis were getting less and less inflamed and suddenly gone. What I know, the redness is kind of inflammation still going on (correct me if I'm wrong), and as ginger is anti-inflammatory it wouldn't hurt to try it for a couple of weeks. It was the only thing I changed in my diet so it must have been the ginger shots in my case that eliminated the foll
  8. Wow first time I've heard of this metod of removing the old scar and taking 2nd strip from same area. How long did you do the exercises?
  9. Really good result Did you do scalp elasticity exercises before the FUT? And regarding the second transplant, did he take the 2'nd strip below or above the first strip?
  10. Wow nice results! Did you do scalp elasticity exercises before the FUT? Did he take the strip from the area you previously had FUE? Do you recent pictures of the scar? Lol many questions, but I am 50/50 contemplating between FUE and FUT, need to transplant about 2000-2500 grafts.
  11. I dont think it looks that bad. The donor area is easily covered if you dont trim your hair very short, and recepient area is also not that bad. But maybe your pictures doesnt show how bad it really is? I have seen waaay worse in real life. I have a friend that is basically semi bald and looks like a cancer patient with extremely Little hair left in the donor area and extremely Little to No hair on top and front. Your case is easily repaired with body hair or smp, or both. I would suggest to rock a longer hair for a while, save money and go to a experienced Doctor.
  12. Here is a picture. The crown is not as bad in real life as it is on the picture so my priority is mid/front scalp for now. I will for sure need another transplant in the future so that is why I am opting for FUT more than FUE, atleast right now.
  13. Looks really nice. I am also planning to go for Dr Saifi, Will probably book for february. However he also quoted me 2000 grafts which i think is too little, I thought I need 3000 grafts, 2500 grafts at the very least. I have been quoted 3500-4000 grafts by other clinics. But he seems to be very Good with FUT which i think I would go for. Will you go for a check Up the next Day?
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