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  1. I have booked for hair transplant in about 3 months from now, January 19 2022. Since I'm a diffuse thinner with nw 5 pattern, the Dr highly recommended me to take finasteride a few months ago. However, I have been to afraid to take it due to potential sides, but as of right now, Im pretty convinced that I have to take it to get better results, reduce the risk of shock loss etc. But my question is, should I postpone the hair transplant and take finasteride for a minimum of 6 months before surgery or is 3 months enough?
  2. Do you mind sharing what clinic you got smp at?
  3. I Will probably do HT without finasteride and post results here. I have been on finasteride 0.025% topical in three weeks by now, and today and for the first time i couldnt get erection. It is terrifying and I Will stop from now on...
  4. Lol nah man I have already booked for HT with Dr Bruno Pinto January next year
  5. Hello everyone, I had a friend of mine that recently got a hair transplant locally here in Sweden, and the clinic gave him a prescription to take cortisol during a whole week before the hair transplant. He told me it was because they wanted to lower his immunity in order to lessen the risk of having the body reject the transplanted hairs. I've read everything I could come across about hair transplants but never heard of a clinic telling patients to take cortisol before the hair transplant. So it made me curious, have I totally missed to read about it and is it really a thing among HT clinics to prescribe cortisol before HT? Is the advantage for real?
  6. Hello everyone, I've used dualgen-5R in combination with topical finasteride (from minoxidilmax) since a few weeks ago. I apply it every night, let it dry out for about 2 hours then go to sleep. Since I'm married and have a baby boy I'm getting uneasy about using it since I'm afraid that my wife and son will get traces of finasteride on them. I try to keep my distance to my wife during those 2 hours until it dries out because she can unknowingly touch my hair and get finasteride on her, and the same for my son (though he sleeps before I apply the solution). But... I just thought about the pillow, what if I leave traces of finasteride on it? My wife sleeps besides me (of course) and could get traces of finasteride on her, and the same for my son. Is it possible or am I just too cautious? Could topical finasteride therefore be a huge risk in a family? Would Love to hear your opinions and for those in similar situation, how do you handle it?
  7. Wow it looks really good, the temporal peaks and hairline looks very natural 😀👌
  8. Hello everyone, I just came across a HT doctor based in Barcelona, Dr Bruno Jacobovski. The results on his homepage looks terrific, especially considering the low amount of grafts, Take a look. However, except for google reviews and pictures on his homepage, I have a hard time finding IRL results and reviews on HT forums. Has anyone here heard of him or know of reviews in perhaps Spanish forums?
  9. Didn't the doctor draw the hairline? Anyway, I think it looks ok, little asymmetrical but perhaps it's because the swelling. But even if it's not due to swelling, I don't think anyone will notice that it is asymmetrical when the hair grows. I also used to have asymmetrical hairline (before hair loss lol) but no one ever noticed, not even my mom. Time will tell in your case.
  10. Can I have a fade with longer hair on topp scalp if I do 4000 grafts? I've never had the sides and backside longer than #3.
  11. You got PM. Yes I know that I will be a slick Norwood 6 in the future and need about 6000 grafts to cover everything. I will probably need a total of a 2-3 HT in the future, so I try to plan ahead and don't deplete my donor too much. If I do 4000 grafts now to cover the front and middle scalp, I would only have about 2000 grafts left for the crown and other "fixing" in the future. Or am I wrong? I don't want to end up with patchy donor
  12. Yes when I contacted one of the clinic (the one i prefer), a coordinator reached out and answered me, but he doesnt answer all questions. But I will probably try to contact the doctor directly somehow. It is not a hairmill, and recommended in this forum. And the other clinic is not on this forum but also not a hairmill, the doctor does almost everything, great results also, and I'm in direct contact with the doctor, but he firmly believes that 2000 grafts is enough.
  13. Only online with pictures, and I clarified that I want a rather conservative hairline, No need to have it as a 20 year old. 4000 would perhaps give me great density, but I just care about having a good coverage and good donor area because In like to have my hair rather Short, especially the sides and back and afraid that it would look depleted if I do 4000 grafts as many I know have obvious low density in the donor after 4000+ HT. The thing is that the conversation is with the coordinator, not with the surgeon, and if I book a time, travel, and discuss the amount of grafts with the surgeon only hour/s prior to the HT, it would be rather stressed. But perhaps Im over thinking the whole thing... It probably is so, thanks for your input, I personally would Love to have "only" 3000 grafts if it give me pleasing cosmetic result. I've seen others cover such an area with about 3000-3300 grafts with good results so i think it is very reasonable.
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