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  1. Thank you for the answer, will check out Hasson and Wong videos. I guess 4 weeks is not enough to notice a different in my case. I want to do the surgery in January, maximum in february, do you think I can achieve better elasticity in two months? Did you feel that your scalp got more elasticity?
  2. I am considering dr Saifi in Poland right now, he has 24 years of experience, excellent merits, seems to prefer FUT over FUE, and also does 'trichophytic closure' which supposedly is a very good closing technique for FUT. No I don't take any fin and no minoxidil. I used minoxidil 2% during a few years but stopped couple of years ago because I simply got tired of using it. I have not had in person consultations because no one in my country does FUT, and the FUE clinics a very few and average. Poland is 1.5 hours away with plane so I might go there and have consultation or just book for FUT
  3. Hello, I will probably need at least two hair transplants during my life time ( 5000-6000 grafts in total, first FUT will be 2500 grafts and in a few years do the rest with FUE, I am 33 years old), and after much research I think that FUT hair transplant will be the best option for me to begin with. I usually have- and would like to continue having a fade with very short hair on the lower back and sides, and the FUT scar will (hopefully) be covered by the longer hairs if the strip will be taken from the middle/upper part of the back of my head (if the scar turns out to be good). FUE will
  4. Hairline looks really nice, how does the scar look? I am also planning on doing a FUT but bit afraid of the scar.
  5. Oh man this is so sad. Is it your first transplant? It seems that they overharvested and destroyed your donor (second pic)?
  6. Yes this is what I expected also, around 3500 grafts in total for the front and middle. Do you think it is a good idea to jump on minox and finasteride right away or do I have to wait for the transplant in January? I'm afraid that I will shed hair due to fin and minox, and that could alter the results of the transplant?
  7. Yea I know, but I am planning on going on finasteride and minoxidl after the hair transplant to hopefully save the hair on the crown. Right now the thinning on the crown is not noticable when I have longer hair of about 4-5 cm. I didn't even know that my crown were thinning until I shaved everything of a couple of months ago so I really hope that finasteride and minoxidil could dealt with that.
  8. No I have not done anything to combat the hair loss, no finasteride, no minoxidil except the 2% which I took a 4-5 years ago and stopped...
  9. Did you have Folliculitis before the transplant? I also have Folliculitis, not that much, maybe around 10 that pops in and out and moves around to different hair follicles. This has worried me a bit for a upcoming hair transplant. Wouldn't want it to be worse. Do you have a pic to share?
  10. Well, it is really hard to decide what to go for... I'm contemplating on going for 2500 grafts with the first clinic (will try to convince him to transplant 500 more grafts) and try mioxidil and finasteride to save the rest of the hair in the coming years, perhaps dermarolling also. I really want to keep the hair short on the back with fade, as i've always had before my bald head became noticable... But I'm also worried that 2500 won't give me good density in the frontal/mid section. Decisions decisions, if it only were easier...
  11. Hello, Since I've contacted a number of clinics and been quoted vastly different numbers of grafts, I have felt unsure on what to expect and what clinic to go for. I have been quoted 2000 grafts from one clinic, 3500, 3800, 4000 and 4500 grafts from other clinics. I have explained to each clinic that I want a pretty conservative hairline and would like to fill in the middle parts of the scalp and leave the vertex/crown for the future. The clinic that quoted me 2000 grafts has a really good doctor (based on merits) and he seemed sure that 2000 grafts would be enough for the front and middl
  12. I've been searching for an answer for this question but not had any success. I have pretty high density in the donor area. It seems like the hair follicles are maximum 1 mm from each other, so how can a dr be so precise to use a 0.75-0.9 mm punch to extract a hair follicle without touching and potentially damaging the surrounding hair follicles? I have thick hair in the donor and I've often heard that I have Asian type of hair even though I'm not Asian, so that worries me a little bit for upcoming FUE, the doctor will use a 0.75-0.9 mm punch, and perhaps will touch and damage the surrounding h
  13. Hello, I have considered Dr Saifi for my hair transplant but he quoted me only 2000 grafts and I have normally been quoted 3500-4500 by clinics in Turkey. I personally think that I would need 3500 grafts, so it made me a bit unsure if he could cover the front and mid scalp (not crown) with only 2000 grafts. They have not answered me yet when I wrote and asked one week ago.
  14. Thank you, I will read about the clinic, consider it and get back to you if I still wont have any luck getting answers from the top six I personally have contacted and researched.
  15. I have submitted through their websites, two of them are among the clinics listed in the link. But I just discovered that one of them has actually answered but it went to the spam folder. But they quoted me much more grafts than I thought I would need. I have contacted five more and will send them another reminder tomorrow and hopefully get an answer. I asked perhaps too many questions and will try to simplify, or it could be due to the damm virus and less Manpower right now... Otherwise I Will try to submit through the link you provided.
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