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What's with headaches 5 months after FUE?

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Hi, I received 3600 graft FUE in early April (so its been a little over 5 months), and in the last few weeks (no longer than 1 month ago) I’ve started getting some persistent headaches. It’s not a ton of pain but it feels like a lot of pressure around my scalp,eyes etc.

I’m panicking cuz I’m worried I will have to deal with headaches for the rest of my life thanks to this fue. Can anyone calm me down?

Both the dermatologist I saw today and the clinic that performed the HT said that any headaches related to FUE wouldn’t occur this late after procedure. Can someone please help calm me down? Is it fair to say that any FUE related procedure are too “high up” in the skin to affect anything related to lasting headaches?

It’s true I have persistent headaches now but I’m also a bit of a worrier. Thanks.

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How is the growth coming along? Could you just be stressing about the growth or lack of it? It's tough to wait so long to see results. Could it be just anxiety about the whole thing? I'm not a Dr. Just tossing out some possibilities ??



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If the headaches persist, see a neurologist.


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I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice, but are my own views which you read at your own risk.

Supporting Physicians: Dr. Robert Dorin: The Hairloss Doctors in New York, NY

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