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DHI transplant in Aus vs Turkey or overseas


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I'm 25 yo, I currently live in Sydney, immigrant, moved to Australia when I turned 22, been here for 3 years. I started noticing hairfall(receding in the frontal sides) when I was 17. Went to the doctor when I turned 18, got a minoxidil 5 percent prescription, since then I've been on and off minoxidil until I turned 23(I go on medication for a period of time, I give up and I jump back in after a while). I turned 23 and I was in Aus, having first ever date in my life with an Aussie girl. I was having my first beer with this girl and first question she was asking was about why my hair was receding and I was too young( I didn't care much during the date, but I regretted ever since when I think about it :( ). Time passed by and my frontal hairline gap got bigger on the sides over time (I had no control over it- life took over as an international student) and continued receding. Hair transplant has scared me upto until 2 years back, because of my lack of knowledge as well as rumours apread around, so that made me stop considering it. That's after when the hairline went up a bit at the centre, with a horrible gap at the sides.I finished my studies, got a job(been a roller coaster full of struggles). People started asking me off if I have family and children when I meet them (wtf! I was only 24, that made feel a mix of embarassment, pain, frustration, felt like an existential crisis, which I still feel and confidence level hit rock bottom). I looked into online clinics that provided medications to combat, I've been prescribed minoxidil 10 percent and finasteride 1 mg by online pharmacy named Mosh. As that didn't help me much(even though I was consistently using it for more than a year), I came to a point where I would do anything to get hair back like when I was a kid.


I've been researching online about FUE, FUT and DHI. Due to high cost of transplants in Australia, I've been looking at travelling to Turkey to get one. Due to travel ban in Australia to fly overseas at the moment, and also not many doctors performing DHI in Turkey, as people go for FUE, which can cause scarring and redness, DHI means no stitches( Same case in Australia, but I had an online consultation with a doc at gro clinic in Aus, which is the only clinic that performs DHI in Aus, the reviews and the explanation from the doctor seemed promising to get my hopes). But the cost of DHI hair transplant here in Aus is AUD 17,700 while clinics in Turkey offered to provide it for AUD 4200, which is 25 percent of what I pay here. But going overseas can sometimes be a hit and a miss, I'm confused with if I can perform DHI in Aus or fly to Turkey (as it is a lot cheaper) when travel ban gets lifted(god knows when). Is there anyone who performed DHI in Turkey, how was your experience, and anyone in Australia here, would you recommend getting a DHI transplant here at Gro?

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DHI is a marketing tool, what you need to decide is between FUT and FUE. Please can you show some pics of your current situation ? With hair loss starting early it’s good that your using the proven combo of Fin/Minox. You will need to stay on a med regime to help keep your current hair. If you come off it then it will progress further. 
Do not consider a transplant at Gro Clinic and just ask @Gatsbywhat the clinics are like in Australia! 
Please don’t go price hunting too much, you want a quality hair transplant from a Dr and not a “Hair Mill” where it will be a tech only procedure.

Europe has loads of options, and you also have Eugenix (India) which may suit your needs if your a higher Norwood level already.

If you do consider Turkey then look at Dr Bicer, HLC, Dr Pekiner and Dr Keser. Or even Dr Demirsoy or Dr Yaman. ASMED but only if you choose Dr Erdogan to do the channel opening. That’s pretty much it for clinics I would recommend there.

Europe has lots of options, Dr Freitas, Dr Bisanga, Dr Pinto, Dr Ferreira, Dr Feriduni, Dr Couto, Dr Lorenzo and Dr Lapunzula. Also consider HDC @Doron Haratiand Vertex @DrTBarghouthi

Hattigen (Swiss) and Dr Zarev (Bulgaria) are pretty impressive also. Be prepared to do some research into some of these proven names and also be prepared to travel if you want the best chance of a good result. Also realise that decent Clinics are mostly booked up in advance. You can do so much better than Australia clinics and the cheap nasty ones in Turkey. 

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