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Does microneedling with oral minoxidil provide the same benefit as with topical?

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From what I understand it's been decently confirmed that combining microneedling and topical minox often yields results that are greater than the sum of their individual parts; this study shows how adding microneedling to topical min improved results: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3746236/

I'm wondering if it would still make sense to add microneedling to oral minoxidil? I could see the boost from microneedling coming in two different ways with topical minox; creating a bunch of tiny wounds on the scalp might increase the absorption of the topical? Or maybe it's the increase in bloodflow to the needled areas that's increasing the amount of minoxidil that's helping the follicles? If it's the former, maybe microneedling wouldn't really help oral min work better, but the latter might.

Does anyone know or does anyone microneedle in addition to oral min?

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Most people who do microneedling with topical minoxidil skip application of topical minoxidil for 24 hours post microneedling so the effects of microneedling have nothing to do with absorption of minoxidil, although some do microneedling with a smaller sized needle and the add minoxidil with hopes of better absorption.

I dermarolled 1x per week for around 5 months with a 1.5mm needle and skipped topical minoxidil for 24 hours after. I switched to oral minoxidil around that time and had a situation in which after dermarolling, a few of the wounds didn’t heal for close to 1 month. While I don’t know for sure if lack of healing was as a result of the oral minoxidil, I did learn that oral minoxidil can inhibit wound healing.

Since I didn’t see any significant results from my 1x per week microneedling I decided to quit knowing that I would need an HT to reach my restoration goals.

I got concerned that I might be doing more harm than good.

Hope this helps!

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