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Hey I was totally against doing any type of hair transplant until this month when I started researching it more. Now here I am, almost booked my surgery with Ziering Medical here in NY next week. Somehow I ended up in this forum and it seems that may not be the place to go. I’ve seen a couple surgeons name pop up numerous times who may be better options. 

Dr Diep - called them but I probably would be able to get surgery with them until next year sometime. 

Dr Dorin- going to schedule a consult but haven’t seen much about African American hair.

Dr Feller- same as Dorin

Dr Bernstein - same as above

Dr Konoir - seemed to popular on this forum so definitely scheduling a consult. I’d have to fly to Chicago for this one. 

I’m 31 and ready to have a hairline again. I would’ve done it sooner but I was accepting baldness. But why accept when it’s fixable right. 

I attached a pic of the top of my head. Any input would be helpful as I really just found out about these surgeons in a short amount of time. 




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You dodged a bullet by swerving Ziering ! Dr Diep, Dr Bisanga, Dr Mwamba and Dr Lapunzula all do good work with Afro hair. If your staying in the US then Dr Diep is certainly worth waiting for. However if you can travel then Belgium in particular has some good options. 

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You’ve got some good names. I suggest setting up a consultation with each of these doctors and ask to see some patient results with your level of hair loss and hair texture. Afro hair is a specialized technique.

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You're going to have to travel to get optimal results but most surgeons mentioned will do virtual consultations. Some will do video or just submitting photos with your goals. If you're not already on medical therapy that should be the first step. Set up a consult with a dermatologist or even PCP to get a prescription. You have a decent amount of hair to save still! Glad you found the forum before booking a restoration. 

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