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Alopecia areata


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Hey guys,

I have a question regarding my fathers hair. Like I told you in a previous post he has thick black hair and they are also very long for men (shoulder lenght). He has not been affected by male pattern baldness. Doctor said he is a norwood 1, whatever the hell that means.

About two weeks ago he discovered four patches on his scalp (diameter around 1.5cm).  He went to the dermatologist and she gave him something called minoxidil. He needs to apply this daily. Will these patches go away with time, because according to my own research the patches should dissappear by themselves in 3-4 months.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes it does usually clear up by its self and can happen at times of stress etc and will take at least that time but should come back in okay..I had a friend with it and he took cortisone for it and he is fine now..Hope he can relax okay and it will come back in...Take care..

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