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FueGenix Hair Clinic The Netherlands - 1675 Grafts

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On January 8 this year I had a hair transplant at FueGenix Haarkliniek (Hair Clinic) in the Netherlands, Bergen op Zoom.

The reason for me was a companion that was treated here in October 2020.  His result after 3 months was already very astonishing.

The entire treatment is done by the doctor, Dr. Munib Ahmad.  This is unique to me.  And thus I know that I could expect the same result as his previous results.  He does the punching, extracting, making recipient sites and places the grafts back. He works with 1 assistant, who sorts the hairs for him and helps him with placing.  Dr. Munib still checks these sorted hairs himself with the microscope.

My case was extra difficult because of the cowlick/crown i have in my hairline as you can see on the close up photos. And i wanted tot get my original hair directions back. 

In short, everything is nicely arranged. From the first contact, to the aftercare now almost 6 months later.  I'm amazed that the doctor still doesn't get tired of all the questions I ask.

Below I would like to share my result of less than 6 full months.  Next week, July 8, it will be exactly 6 months ago.  I cannot describe how happy I am that I chose this clinic.  It costs a bit, but then you really have something.

According to the doctor it is one of the best results in the world (I hope haha) Especially for less than 6 months.  It gets even fuller (hopefully). I chose for this clinic because i saw that he had lots of good progress already after 5/6 months. 

I'm posting a video for now.  I will also post pictures later and also with wet hair.

I will share some progress photos in a month.  Also, I'd love to hear what you think!



A video of the result after 6 months:












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Thanks for the review, I’ve seen another good case of Dr. Munib, look forward to seeing your updates.

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