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Hair Loss or Natural Whorl/Cowlick?

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Hi Guys,

My friend recently pointed out that a bit of my scalp is visible at the crown region. After that conversation, I read a bit about whorls and cowlicks online, and am now worried/confused if I’m beginning to bald. The rest of my hair is quite thick, and there are no signs of my hairline receding. Is it time for me to visit a dermatologist, or is it okay for now (especially given the ongoing pandemic, it’s not completely safe to travel around)? Btw, I have two whorls, which I don’t think is captured well in the pictures. Please let me know your opinions!






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Do you have any pictures of that area from like 1 year ago? It would be great to get a comparison. Where are you located?

My advice does not constitute a patient-physician relationship nor as medical advice and all medical questions/concerns should be addressed to your medical provider. 

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