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Wanting to go to Dr. Pekiner, scared he'll cancel day of

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Dr. Pekiner Kaan seems to be one of the best in Turkey. I just need my temples done and he estimates 1,500 grafts at a density of 55 grafts per cm2.   
But I've seen multiple times he has canceled the day of the surgery if there are too many miniaturized hairs in the donor area. I guess that makes some sense but if I'm going to Turkey from the US I don't want to fear him cancelling if he doesn't like the donor area.    
You'd think he'd first recommend going to a local dermatologist to get your hair checked and sharing the results with him before you fly out. I guess I'll do just that but it just adds extra stress.

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I would recommend talking to him, tell him your concerns. Have you consulted with any other surgeons?

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The most important factor in a hair transplant is communication above everything. Both pre and post op.  There are never any wrong or bad questions you can ask. Your question @doneworkingis an excellent one. I have this concern myself with traveling for surgery. What if there online assessments are different to seeing me in person? I’m being completely honest here but if the goals I have shared with my surgeon turn out to be different the day I arrive I may not go through with a procedure. I keep in contact with Dr Pradeep regularly despite the waiting time living in Australia in this current world epidemic. We have agreed on the amount of coverage, etc. However I would not go through with surgery if I arrive in India and say the plan changed to only the frontal third for example. The costs, etc I can always deal with later. I have jumped in the chair before (twice) believing all my problems would be solved. It just doesn’t work that way in the hair transplant world. Speak regularly with your doctor and if they refuse to communicate with all your concerns then that’s how your research is done and a doctor on your list of potential surgeons is culled until you find the one for you. Keep in touch with Dr Pekiner with your concerns and you’ll be fine. All the best! 

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