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toppik/fullmore in my nose hair??

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hey everybody, how are you guys doing, this is for sure weird but i'd like to know if any of you guys experienced this..


i've been using toppik and fullmore for the past week..so far everything is good but when i was cleaning my nose yesterday, there was some black paint in there..its like toppik or fullmore was in my hair nose..very odd. My hands were clean, checked it couple times and it was for sure black paint. I don't know if i may have inhaled it or not and it got stuck there. I'm actually worried if i should stop using it or not. This is the first time i'm using both of these products.

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Fullmore's an aerosol isn't it? So stands to reason you might breathe a little in in an enclosed psace like a bathroom?


I wouldn't worry too much though

a) if it's in you nose hair that's what it's for, to stop particles from enetering your bloodstream

b) I live in London where the pollution's bad enough that if you sneeze it often comes out grey from the amount of traffic fumes etc. delightful, but hasn't killed me yet!!


You could always try what they say on all other types of aerosol, using only in a well ventilated space?

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Thanks guys for the reply, i tried to cover my nose and mouth with my towel so, it was still a little bit but not as much as the first time..( i tried it in my bathroom so you probably right, will try more open area).i guess practice makes it perfect. I've been using toppik and also couple times hairsoreal, so i backed off a little bit from fullmore.


I wanted to know something though, i used dermmatch, color black and i didn't think it was that dark. Its pitch black..sometimes it doesnt look as natural as u would've hoped. i'm wondering if anybody used the dark brown and if it looks more natural black. Thanks

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