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Doc recommendations for Houston area

Jon Jones

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August 28, 2009 12:33 PM


I am looking for a good doc in the Houston area. I have seen the names of the ones on this forum and intend to touch base with them soon.

However, I have already visited Dr Carlos Puig(PHRC) and Dr McClellan (Hair Club). Both these docs seemed good but not sure to go with them due to some of the posts on this site related to their distant history with MHR. I'm guessing if these guys made mistakes in the past then now they should be better for the experince and more knowledgable since techniques and technology have moved on since the time of plugs.

Your help would be appreciated.

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Can you please elaborate on why these docs should be avoided? As I said in the original post with time and technology moving on since they started I'm hoping they are now better for the experience? Anybody had any recent experinces in the last year or two?

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Hi Jon---the problem is regardless of what happened in the past, there is really nothing CURRENT to prove your theory that any doctor, not just the few you mentioned, has fully embraced the latest technology, staffing and approach.


It is expensive AND demanding of both the doctor and the staff to achieve the amazing results we see by clinics who strive for such results.


I think you should see Dr. Limmer or Dr. Arocha if your in the Texas area.


I believe a drive up to Arizona to see Dr. Scott Alexander/Dr. Keene is 100% worth your time as well.


You do not need to know why or why not a particular clinic is "bad"--you just need to know that the clinic you have chosen is transparent in their practices and provides excellent results and patient care.


Take Care,


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Performed by Dr. Ron Shapiro


Dr. Ron Shapiro and Dr. Paul Shapiro are members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

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What Bspot said....don't play a game of chance based upon "hope" here....research the hell out of the docs mentioned and clinics like SMG....then compare their approach, results, and transparency with whomever else....then make a call -- it's only that I could virtually guarantee you to end up choosing the SMG's of the world after that a lot of the time people will just bluntly and simply say Go Here, Don't Go Here.


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Enough is enough! Give me documentation or give me death!

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I met with both Arocha and Barerra in June. Dr. Barerra is a cosmetic surgeon that does a lot of other things besides hair transplants like tummy tucks, face lifts, etc. He was the only one that had a consultant fee and he was the most expensive of all the coalition doctors I talked with. He wanted to do 1500 grafts for $12,000($8 per graft). Although his work seemed ok from the few photos he had.


Dr Arocha had a lot more reference photos and recommended 3500. He concentrated on just HT's so I preferred him. His work looked very refined and skilled.


However, I decided I wanted the absolute most experienced and top doc in the country so after talking with every single clinic on this side of the world, I narrowed it down to Dr. Wong or Dr. Ron Shapiro. It was almost a dead tie between the two but I decided on Dr. Shapiro.


If you are restricted to the Houston area, I'd probably say definitely Dr. Arocha.


Note that I am not saying Dr. Shapiro is vastly superior to Arocha, he just appears to have more experience. On a scale from 1-100, I might give Arocha a 97, and Ron a 99. But I'm willing to fly across the country for that extra two points.

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