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  1. I bet you he is ecstatic. Very nice work, nice soft hairline.
  2. Excellent documentation. Congrats on choosing a first rate HT doc in Dr. Konior. I will echo the great comments and wish you continued growth! I think your going to be very pleased with your results.
  3. I think for the amount of grafts and the timeline this result is solid. I would highly recommend you do not proceed with another hair transplant before 12 months, regardless of what you hear. You need to wait, relax, let your donor heal, let your hair continue to grow. Another session will serve you well, but I would be conservative since you have put grafts in the crown and you may require more grafts in the surrounding areas in the future. I know it is hard, but just take it easy, do some research, talk to your fellow balding brothers and you will be fine. Jason
  4. Hey Joe.....hope you are well my friend. Anyway, like just about everything, the reality of things is somewhere in the middle. If you opt for FUT-there are some potential risks and downsides. If you opt for FUE-there are some potential risks and downsides. However, stating someone can get 5K FUE grafts out of a persons donor is extreme, in my opinion. Dr. Bisanga correctly limits density reduction because he is ethical and he understands that taking out a lower percentage of donor is the correct approach. Joe is 100% correct regarding Spanish patients, who generally have amazing, deep diving donor, which can yield impressive amounts of grafts. Again, as a 5/6 the reality is your results with FUT are possibly fantastic, but more than likely you will have limited donor---and even with 5-6K grafts will likely yield a thinner result than desired, will leave a scar, will almost assuredly require 2, maybe 3 sessions to accomplish. Certainly, each patient is different, but a person is a 5/6 for a reason...because they have lost quite a bit of hair. My point in all of this, is one has to be accepting of the reality of the hair situation...if you have average density and are a 5/6 and wear short hair, then a couple of FUE sessions will likely meet your goals, establish a hairline, create some density and turn back the clock a bit. If you have average density, want to wear your hair longer, are accepting of the reality of your situation and limitations of hairtransplantation, then FUT is probably the best option. Getting into a top clinic like H&W is an absolute must. Jason
  5. If you are a NW 5/6, you should understand your coverage area and what look you are after. You could probably have a nice soft hairline, and some low density coverage, with an open crown with 2500-3000 grafts. Anything you get from your donor area after that would be icing on the cake. This approach is a nice, safe, long-term choice for a couple of reasons. #1. You get your hairline back, without a scar #2. You can wear a short cut without any issues. I think when you are a NW 5/6 your looking at 5k+ grafts to really make difference, and in many cases you are frontloading the hairline/front half and using low density amounts in the crown, so it really depends on what you personally are willing to undertake. It would be great if you could post some photos of your head and donor areas....you will get some good advice i'm sure. Jason
  6. Nice progress mate. Dr. Konior is a great guy and an even better HT surgeon. Based on your progress to date, by months 12-16 months, your going to be extremely happy with your results. He is one of the very few doctors I would allow to touch my head. Thanks for sharing. Jason
  7. I think Dr. Mwamba has been doing quality work for some time now. I think his work is certainly good enough to be recommended on HTN.
  8. Hi Multiplier, The hairtransplant process is often very frustrating and time consuming...it takes time, especially when you have to do things with smaller sessions. It looks to me like you experienced some shockloss, plus going off the fin probably did not help. On the positive side of things: Your in the best possible hands with SMG and you have only really targeted your hairline...which looks quite nice at this stage. If I had to guess, my opinion on your future hair transplant work would be to do a couple of lower density transplants to minimize shockloss...if you were to do a 1500-1800 graft session and another 1500 graft session, it may help you retain your native hair for as long as possible. Certainly not the most gratifying process...but your looking for an end result...not necessarily the quickest result. Keep the chin flying high and hopefully you can get back on fin/duta. Jason
  9. Hi Aaron...it is truly great to see how far you have come in the last few years. I believe once this session grows out, your going to be a very, very happy man. Dr. Paul certainly does great work, so your certainly in good hands. Take Care, Jason
  10. Hi Guys...well, what can I say? It has been my pleasure to represent a man I consider to be the finest HT Doctor in the business. Dr. Ron Shapiro is a class act, a great doctor, and above all a genuine, caring person. It has been my honor to represent him. I'll see you lads from time to time...please keep up the good work! Jason
  11. You should never limit yourself geographically when considering a HT..however, in FL, Dr. Rose and Dr. Charles are doing excellent work. I believe for the most part both of these doctors prefer to keep sessions in the 2K-3K range, so if you are looking for a session over 3K, you should add another doctor who does larger sessions. I would 100% still do consults with both docs however, it may be you will really connect with a particular doctor. Please note: This is not meant to put forth that not doing larger than 3K grafts is "bad"--there is certainly an argument that doing multiple sessions provides maximum impact, using the minimum # of grafts. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Rose or Dr. Charles. Take Care, Jason
  12. HD---If you would like to call our office and ask for Matt Zupan, he would be happy to arrange for you to meet a patient or two in that area, if possible. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Take Care, Jason
  13. It is a common misconception that Calif. should have the "Best" doctors...there are certainly fine doctors in Calif., no doubt, but the "Best" doctors are those who embrace transparency in ALL facets of their practice, while continually performing world-class work. Dr. Alexander is an excellent start, I would also recommend Hasson and Wong, whom Joe works for, as they are just north of you in Canada. If you are looking for FUE work close by, I would recommend Dr. Harris. Do some research, look at photos, talk to some vets on the forum here. Take Care, Jason
  14. Hey Aaron...glad to see your results my man!!! Wow you look great!! What a change right? Anyway, hope things are going well...give me a ring anytime. Jason