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  1. I bet you he is ecstatic. Very nice work, nice soft hairline.
  2. Nice progress mate. Dr. Konior is a great guy and an even better HT surgeon. Based on your progress to date, by months 12-16 months, your going to be extremely happy with your results. He is one of the very few doctors I would allow to touch my head. Thanks for sharing. Jason
  3. You have all of 5 posts, 2 of which you have used to 1. attempt to screw with a guy who is having a rough time. 2. Offer me a "recommendation" based on your what????? Years of experience??? Just because you went to the same doctor as Balboa doesn't qualify you as more capable to comment on a persons HT. That is one of the most illogical and shortsighted comments I have ever read on any forum. Again, you display your lack of knowledge by thinking I work for a "competitor" SMG is not a competitor with Armani. We do not do mega-session FUE cases and in all likelihood never will. We hop
  4. Come on Sonic, posting this type of garbage is just a barely veiled attempt to discredit Balboa. The guy is sharing his experience, just like yourself...he just happens to be unhappy with his results. FUE is not major surgery, in fact, I believe there are some clinics who bill this procedure as "Non-Surgical" No one here is going to bash you because you had a great experience...I can speak for every bald man when I say that ANY HT patient who has a great experience and result is GREAT news. What you will find here is very little tolerance for personal attacks and ignorant remarks
  5. It is often the practice of unscrupulous clinics to charge for a particular amount of grafts and not do them. This is often one of the reasons they can keep the prices so low. Another red flag is the "up sell" to more grafts once your in the chair.....it is the practice of most ethical clinics to agree on a set graft total and gift these to the patient if they go over. I can tell you that maintaining a proper clinic, equipment, staff and administration is expensive, period. I suggest you see a Coalition doctor in your area, have them examine your scalp and attempt to estima
  6. Dr. Cooley is an excellent doc, with fair prices. I would recommend steering away from a clinic who feel they must "expose" other clinics to make themselves look better. Nothing personal, but Cooley's work is proven. Jason
  7. I am not an attorney (Yet!), but Hoping expressed exactly what I said when representatives of Dr. Markou's clinic attempted to threaten rodfl for his claim of unfavorable results and in the process violated his right to patient privacy. Had Dr. Markou simply stated that he was working with rodfl to resolve any issues everyone would have learned something and rodfl would be getting his scar revision paid for by Dr. Markou with a surgeon of rodfl's choice. I do not need a medical degree to assess this situation, nor do many other members of this site. I read all of the time, and I
  8. Guys--- I hope those who read this thread understand the power of the internet and why forums just like this one are feared, even loathed by those performing sub-par work. One of the BASIC premises of hair transplantation is that the resulting scar from the incision to remove donor tissue should be slightly above the occipital protuberance. If rodfl's resulting scar rests below this or in the middle of this point, then the incision was poorly placed, period. There is no rebuttal or other explanation for this. I always find it "amusing" when people try to denigrate what it is
  9. For all those reading this thread--- the last post by doc is what is known as an "Official Major League Backpedal" Adieu,
  10. Guess what? You now just crossed the line as a shill and therefore are going to be bounced. Enjoy your stay. It won't be long. PS. I see you registered March 18th, the day after Rodfl posted his experience with your mill. Funny you did not leap to the defense of your clinic then, choosing to post a month later once your clinic started to really recieve the bad publicity.
  11. Please---- this is public forum pal. You mention slandering without recourse---- you are FREE to offer an opinion opposite of the one posted by rodfl. In addition, Dr. Rose would be free to offer his OPINION as well. Let me tell you what YOU just did. IF you are somehow associated with this clinic, I HIGHLY DOUBT rodfl signed an agreement for you to discuss his previous situation OR the care your clinic administered to him. You see, unlike your bumbling self, rodfl is entitled to patient privacy, and without his consent to discuss his PERSONAL ISSUES, you just violated
  12. Dude, I just caught this thread!!!!!! LOL Bill!!!!!! Although, with the broken english it is completely forgiveable and understandable...... Thanks for pointing this out Nervous!!!!!!!
  13. I think for 1500 to 2000 grafts, you will be ok not shaving the recipient site. I am pretty sure that ALL the best docs want this area shaved, but are comfortable working around existing hair for sessions of this size, especially if the area being worked on is thin already. I think you will be pleased with any of the Docs you have chosen to consult with. Please let us know how everything goes!!!!
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