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Laser Hair Therapy


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Hi Men! Hope everyone is doing well and keeping the faith in at least some form of restoration! Hair is important and the more we show up and discuss it on platforms like this, the more will be done to help us in our quest! So, first off, three cheers for us!


Second then is my question:


What is the deal with Laser Hair Therapy? I am 25 and receding on my temples. Hair is pretty good everywhere else. I am looking into a transplant. I am a Norwood 3 I figure, and would need 3,000 units for the transplant. It should cost $6,000+. I have looked into the laser therapy as an alternative and it would cost around $3,000. The medical evidence is out on the therapy because there is no scientific proof of the lasers re-growing or stabilizing hair growth...


Okay, so that was the info...


Here is the real question:


If the medical community use low level laser therapy routinely to speed up heeling and work to rebuild tissue on the cellular level of skin... then does this no suggest it would have a similar effect on dying hair follicles? I mean in my consultations and research I am being told (in plain English mind you), to the reason we lose hair is because it spends too much time in the resting phase and eventually dies due to a cut off of a blood supply. If lasers stimulate repair, they must facilitate blood flow, right? I mean we all had hair to begin with right?


So whats the logic? forget the medical evidence! Does the idea of laser therapy make sense? Why can't any one be talking about this? Why are all these discussion caught up in the details of the legalities or the designation of medical support!? These questions or challenges are healthy and necessary. I mean they want to charge me $3,000 to flip a switch and shine a red light at my head!? I mean seriously!


Lets talk about this, I want to avoid surgery! Don't you?


Cheers boys, keep up the rumble!



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Honestly, from what I've seen, "low level laser therapy" seems to do nothing. And I've seen quite a few before and after pictures.


Also hair follicles die due to testosterone/DHT... even if you had this "therapy", you would still be subject to your hair follicles dying, and would need to continue "therapy" for $3,000 once a year probably... If I were you, I would do the cheaper (in the long run) option, and never look back.


If you don't mind me asking, what doctor recommended this to you?

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Hey Thinning_temples 25:

I agree with trying to avoid the HT surgery if you can. I never wanted to try the topical solutions that are even on the market, because with those it is long term continued use.

I have done a great deal of research on my own, and I found some products that no one here seemed to have touched on. Read my post in Herbal Remedies. Who would have thought that something as using a shampoo daily, or at least three times a week will regrow your hair, even if you are bald from chemo therapy. I will be starting the shampoo soon, and I am hoping for some great results.

I am going to chart my progess, take pictures and share.

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shampoo that's proven to regrow hair? sorry, it does not exist. the only topical proven to work is minoxidal. sorry to say but anything else is snake oil.

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a Scalp Micropigmentation Company in Fort Lee, New Jersey. www.aheadink.com

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