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  1. Thank you Youngsuccess, those comments are helpful. I scanned your list and found the following Docs do FUE. Are there any Docs reps here for: Dr. Carman, Dr. Rassman, Dr. Ross ? If so, I have some questions. Thanks.
  2. Oh, yes, one more question. Are there any reps here of Docs who are in So. Cal. and do FUE ? I would like to lean more about FUE. Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, I have not been here in a while, but I would like to ask you folks a few more questions, I hope it is ok ? I have a new idea (uh oh ). The folks at Hair Club told me I will need about 6,000 hair transplants grafts. I do not want to go the strip approach. So I am thinking about getting FUE for the front of my head. My understanding is I can do 500-1,000 grafts per procedure. So this would take 7-10 years if I do one procedure per year. So I do the front of my head with FUE and I would get a hair piece for all the rest. Each year, as I did additional procedures, I would make the hairpiece smaller until my whole top is covered. Does this make any sense, or I am I being naive ? Thanks again.
  4. Hi guys, it looks like I have been put on ignore or essentially banned over at "B#ld Tr^th" (name changed to protect the innocent , if there are any innocent in this case). All I did was ask questions about HT like I do over here. I guess that proves this is a fair forum and that one is a doctors site which does not put up with real questions. Anyone else have problems over there ? This also makes me wonder if their hero, Sp#ncer K0brin is a phony, any thoughts ? I also just noticed they are one of the few forums that do not list the number of members. Do you think it is because most are inside alias names ?
  5. I have to agree with KWIH here, please show us any data which supports low level laser therapy.
  6. Do we really need a test to tell us whether we are going to be bald ??
  7. How does everyone feel about Follica vs. Aderans, Interplex, Histogen, any others ?
  8. I am just starting my research on this topic, but it seems like 10-25 years out, everyone agree ?
  9. It seems like a general plastic surgery company. When you click on the "English" menu it takes you to entirely another webpage. Also, it does not say how many hairs can be multiplied. And to make matters even worse it seems to be in Flemish or German .
  10. KWIH, you seem quite expert in this cloning area . So do you think Aderans will be the first to market ? Or you do you think Interplex will be first ? What are your thoughts about these mice experiments ?
  11. Wow, I can see I am not the only one interested in this technology. One thing I am wondering is even if they figure out a way to clone the follicles, don't they need to get them back in contact with the blood supply ? How does that work ? They make it sound like they can just be dropped into the dead follicles and hair will grow. Am I missing something here ? Also, guys, another question, what do you think about this company, Follica: http://www.follicabio.com/news...xecutive-officer-41/
  12. I have been following the progress on this company for about a year now, intriguing. But I have the same impression as some of the other posters on this thread. I think they are in for some bumps and may not be the first to the finish line. Are there other technologies / companies related to hair cloning that people have had their eye on for a while now ?
  13. Drew, thanks again for the info. It is very useful. It looks like Dr. Feller is really the world leader in FUE, does everyone pretty much agree with that ? Also, for larger graft requirements, say 4,000-5,000 grafts and understand the limitations there. Is it possible to do multiple FUE procedures of say 1,000-2,000 or is that also not possible ? And, are there any renown FUE physicians in the western US ? I would like to read more about their approaches.
  14. Leeson, thanks, that makes sense. Also, does anyone know of a good FUE HT doc in the western part of the US ? Thanks.
  15. Hi Forrest, Dr. Jones told me mine was 175 and normal is 200. Anyone know ?