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Obtaining Finasteride

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I was wondering how everyone gets finasteride. I have an appointment with my dermatologist in a few days with the goal of getting finasteride. How should i approach the appointment? Should i let her diagnose me or should i actually say that i want to take finasteride? There are websites out there that will sell you fin after a short consultation online, should these websites be avoided? Im just trying to form a backup plan in case my dermatologist wont prescribe me medication.




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No big deal, I've gotten scripts written by my family physician and one of the hair transplant doctors nearby during a free consult, not something you need a specialized dermatologist for. Just going to look and see if you have any signs of hair recession or thinning, its a drug that has been around for decades and the side effects, if you are one of the few that has them, are not serious, like in terms of bodily damage, dying.

Depending on what state you are in you don't even need to see a doctor in person, keeps.com is legit, you can do an online doctor visit and then get $25/month supply here





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