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  1. Browsing google one night.
  2. Hey gang hope everyone is healthy during these crazy times. On a lighter note, I wanted to say thank you to the community for the input and guidance you provide in regards to hair loss and how supportive everyone is. I noticed my hair thinning slightly in the crown(most people disagreed but you just know) about a year ago when I came across this forum. After doing extensive research on this forum, I hoped on 1mg Finasteride and it was a great decision. My crown has filled back in and it wouldnt have been possible without this forum providing me a platform to learn about hair loss remedies. Im
  3. Hello guys, I was wondering if you guys could recommend a shampoo to use for diffuse thinning? I was using the shampoo from Hair Restoration Laboratories for a few months until I had to reorder a new bottle. However when the new bottle came in a few things seemed off. For example, the bottle is now white instead of black, the color is slightly different and the texture is more watery. Considering this I lost confidence in the product and now I need a new shampoo. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Did you still use the biotin with bamboo extracts? I saw it on a previous page but not on your final breakdown?
  5. Father time is undefeated that includes Alyssa.
  6. Hello, I was wondering how everyone gets finasteride. I have an appointment with my dermatologist in a few days with the goal of getting finasteride. How should i approach the appointment? Should i let her diagnose me or should i actually say that i want to take finasteride? There are websites out there that will sell you fin after a short consultation online, should these websites be avoided? Im just trying to form a backup plan in case my dermatologist wont prescribe me medication. Thanks!
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