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Dr Cam Simmons

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Hi, I'm from toronto and had the hair transplant procedure. I would like to recommend Dr Cam Simmons in toronto for a job well done. He is kind and sincere and more concerned about your health and well being than collecting a pay check. People say I look 10 yrs younger and I don't need to wear a hat anymore. My hair dresser cannot tell where the transplant was done. She said that it was the nicest transplant she had ever seen. Lets face it, if you don't look good bald and you feel like having a full head of hair, GO FOR IT! It changed my life.

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architect, I had my HT with Dr. Simmons yesterday! I will be posting a blog next week. I'd love to see your pics.


I echo all of your sentiments. Dr. Simmons came across as a genuine guy who has his patient's best interest at heart. The technicians that worked on me had 18 & 15 years experience. They took their time and really seemed like they took pride in their work too. Dr. Simmons never left my sight for more than 30 minutes throughout the 10+ hour day, 3100+ grafts. So far, so good....on Day 1 icon_smile.gif

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