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For Falc or anyone else/calculating the total area needed to be covered.

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I remember a post not too long ago that gave a good procedure to find the total area of scalp that needed to be covered. I believe a doctor eventually chimed in and gave a good idea on how to do such a thing. I would like to map out my crown region to see how many square centimeters needed to be covered. If anyone knows where this thread is can you link it please.


Lets try to make it a sticky so people can reference this.

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patient growth-

Just my two cents: A pretty easy way to estimate the area of a balding crown is to measure from the center of the balding area to the edge of the balding area- this is your radius "r". Then plug that number into the following equation:

Area= 3.14 x r x r . This assumes the crown is roughly the shape of a circle. Should give you a fairly good estimate.

Hope that helps-

Timothy Carman, MD ABHRS

President, (ABHRS)
ABHRS Board of Directors
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Does anyone know if you can use hat size to determine how much bald area you will have IF you progress to a NW6 or 7? I tried using the method Dr. Shapiro explained, but I kept getting a very high area. I'm like a 7 1/8 in hats, which is just about average, yet when I draw a NW 6 pattern I keep coming up with 300cm of bald area. Dr. Shapiro explicitly stated that men with "very large scalps" may have that much surface area, but my head is normal size, which means I should be around 200cm, right?

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