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  1. The challenge with this patient was a relatively low yielding donor and large area "needing" grafts. Appropriate placement of grafts in a design pattern that will mimic nature, while maximizing their full potential for growth as non-DHT-sensitive follicular units is a cornerstone in creating artwork that appears natural. 2291 FU grafts were harvested via a conservative strip excision procedure, which assures consistent high quality graft survival and growth for the long-term performance benchmark. The photos are from his 9 Month Post Op visit, wherein approximately 80% of the hair has gro
  2. This patient is a 54 YO male who presented with stabilized crown thinning, not on preventative medical therapy. Plan is to reconstruct the crown and add some density to the posterior midscalp. Total FU Grafts: 1576: 285 one's; 954 two's; 337 three's. Last two photos illustrate typical donor closure result utilizing simple plastics closure.
  3. History: This patient is a pleasant 29 year old male who experienced thinning of his fronto-temporal hairline since the age of 20. He is generally very healthy, with no medical history or previous surgeries. He has become progressively more and more pre-occupied with his hair loss as it has affected his self-esteem, limiting his social activities. The frontal thinning becomes especially apparent after exercise, as the thinning becomes more noticeable when his hair is wet. His family history is significant for fronto-temporal thinning in a similar pattern in his father, 64, that has progressed
  4. I just read the initial post of this thread- and the section on "graft selection" is nonsense, and misleading. Saying that as a surgeon my selection of grafts is "left to chance" when utilizing strip harvesting is ridiculous. Moreover, as can be seen in your photo, titled "Surgeon can target specific grafts" transection rates are higher in FUE procedures (regardless of the hype), again as CAN PLAINLY BE SEEN in your photo. I would not expect ANY of those grafts to grow, as they are ALL transected. Amazed this post has withstood scrutiny, really. Granted, I have not gone through the ensuing 25
  5. I would recommend keeping the hairwash to once daily. Aloe vera is great for your post op skin once everything is healed completely.
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