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why no photos?


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God I wish I knew....


I can't see anyones work and it looks like a few more members have posted their exp.'s and results.....



some threads have pics and some don't......I wonder......


They will let us know.




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Guys, I really appologize for this problem with the photos. The software company, infopop, that supplies this forums software updated the software and it seems to have disrupted these previously posted photos. Our webmaster is researching this issue and trying to fix it. These photos are valuable to all of us and so we will do what we can to get them back online and visible.



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I am having trouble starting a new topic. The New button and Search button don't work for me. If I am having this problem, I'd bet other people are having trouble too.


Also some of the buttons in the "reply" window are black (bold button, italics button etc). I have to roll over them to know what they do.


It seems like traffic is slightly down. Maybe it is just slow lately, but I wonder if other people are having trouble writing posts.


However on the positive side, I just noticed the cool new <span class="ev_code_RED">colored text</span> button... yee haw!

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