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  2. I think you can get "disposable" digital cameras now. They are "one-time use" cameras, I think you drop off the camera at the developer or pharmacy, and they give you a disc when they are done.
  3. I posted a before and after photo in the Drugs forum here, of a guy who went to NHI for a transplant. He had never tried Propecia. They told him to come back after he had been on Propecia for a while. The guy had amazing results, including in the hairline, and did not need a transplant. Again, anywhere that miniaturization occurs, Propecia "can" work. It may work better or more often in crown (?) but that doesn't mean it can't work in the hairline too.
  4. Both medications can work anywhere you have follicle miniaturization. They may perform "better" for some guys in the crown than they do in the front, but that doesn't mean they can't work in the front for some. It depends on the guy. The most effective use is as preventative medicine. Regrowing lost hair is harder than saving what you've got, no matter where it is. Even if medication can't regrow your temples, you should be using it to slow or stop the progression. As far as regrowth, all you can do is cross your fingers and try...
  5. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>When I got there for my consultation, however, I learned that Dr. Riggs was no longer associated with this practice. That was my first red flag... no one mentioned this until I flew in for the procedure. Instead, the work would be performed by Dr. Michael Markou. I know nothing about this guy and he may well be a fine surgeon, but I want my work done by a world-class physician, not some guy trying to gain experience. You made a good decision, TeddW2ds. I'm sure it would have been a whole lot easier
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