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Dr. schwinning in nj or Dr. prasid in nYC


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Do not go to Dr. Schwinning. I went there for a consultation and then on the day of the operation they did a Dr switch telling me the 2nd Dr was better at hair transplants and I'd be in better hands with him. After doing a procedure totally different than was discussed they both told me I had to talk to the other. One saying If he did the procedure then talk to him. The other saying if he told you we could do that then talk to him.


It's a planned scam. They tell you stuff that they know they can't deliver and then have someone else do the operation, so they can blame it on you that you didn't tell the Dr who performed the hair transplant what you wanted.


Before Dr Schwinning got into hair transplants he was a surgeon who was barred from practicing everything except for hair transplants. He amputated the wrong leg of a patient (which means the patient lost both legs because they had to then amputate the correct one too).


As far as his hair transplants, there was a class action lawsuit with 120 patients plus several individual lawsuits. Mine was one of the individual ones. The company claimed bankruptcy and opened as a new company the same day in the same office with the same phone number and same staff effectively canceling all the lawsuits while staying in business.


A few years later when the judge was going declare that the lawsuits could go ahead against them, they sued themselves in order to drag it out (new company sued the old company but it is the same people involved in both).


I could go on and on.


I don't know the other Dr, but if he's part of the same group, stay away.


Try Dr Feller in NY or Dr True in NJ. Both of them are MUCH better.


EDIT: I can send you pictures of what they did to me if you like. Just PM me with your email address.


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I am a forum moderator for hairrestorationnetwork.com. I am not a Dr. and I do not work for any particular Dr. My opinions are my own and may not reflect the opinions of other moderators or the owner of this site. I am also a hair transplant patient and repair patient. You can view some of my repair journey here.

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If you are in the Ny area, PLEASE consult with at least one of these doctors before you make any decisions:


1. Dr. Alan Feller

2. Dr. True

3. Dr. Robert Bernstein


If you would like any info on Dr. Feller feel free to send me a private message (I'm one of his patients).


You have to be incredibly careful in this industry, so I breathe a sigh of relief for you that you found this site.


Very few women are good transplant candidates, and the doctors above can explain to you why in person. They will not try to sell you surgery, but they will be honest with you about what they can and or cannot do.


Have you first explored every medical option to treat your hairloss? There is a place called the "hormone center" in Manhattan where there is a doctor who is a foremost expert on women's hairloss.

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You may find this previous post on Female Hair Transplants Helpful:


It is very important that you fist have a good medical work up to make sure there are no medical treatments needed. Many hair transplant doctors have seen that that treating borderline iron deficiency anemia or borderline thyroid problems can help hair loss.

Dr. Robin Unger is also in NY city and has a large female hair transplant practice.

It is always good to get multiple consults prior to doing a hair transplants.

Dr. Paul

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