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Considering hair transplant with Dr. Resul Yaman

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This is my first time posting. I'm considering getting a hair transplant with Dr. Resul Yaman. I would like to hear your experience with him, and if he is someone you would recommend?


I've heard "horror" stories from him, so i would like to know if it a few bad surgeries, or if he has a bad reputation in general.


If not him then, who would you recommend besides surgeons in USA, who are budget friendly but still produce great results?

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If you have read horror stories then don't consider him. I'm in the process of fixing my horror story with him and its more expensive then the original procedure.


I dont understand why people keep dreaming about Yaman. Everyone wants to find the GREAT and CHEAP surgeon.. I tried twice and it doesn't exist. Its your decision but beware of the consequences


What are you looking for FUE or FUT? You should contact about 10 Drs, make an excel sheet with their comments and then decide who you are most comfortable with. Make enough research, at the end the look is your to worry about.


The one advice I can give you is that North American Drs cover same area with less grafts than Turkish. Don't compare prices per grafts but more of area covered.


If you want to stay in turkey go with Erdogan or Karadeniz after you consult them and feel comfortable with

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Hello hyperhair,


I have seen your former posts. I can see that you are a very active member of the forum, and i love you take the time to respond to people.


I dont understand why Resul Yaman in recommended on this site, when he has so many bad reviews.. The site loses its credibility.


I'm not going with Yaman, there is too many bad reviews.


Im currently looking at Dr. Erkan Demirsoy. He has alot of great reviews on this site, and the german forums. Do you or anybody who looks at this post know anything about him personally?


I'm looking for FUE because it's an surgery for my temples. They have crawled about 2 cm up.



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Hey man,


Im only active when I read Yaman posts :)). I don't think you should follow the recommendations and comments of all members including myself with closed eyes, most of us don't any medicinal background !!


I dont have any experience with Demirsoy but in Turkey if you can afford Erdogan go for it. The section process IMO is mostly based on risk minimization and Erdogan is super consistent. Why don't you contact a couple of Turkish and other TOP US ones and see if the recommendation align?


Just be 200% sure before you go cause even the TOP Drs do mistakes so the less risk you have the better



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I dont have any experience with Demirsoy but in Turkey if you can afford Erdogan go for it.




Do you think any of the other doctors in Turkey are equal to Erdogan and worth considering ?


I was planning to get my HT done by Erdogan but he shot me down so trying to come up with a alternative

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I talked to Karadeniz and his assistant setup a WhatsApp group with him to ask him direct questions.


I found him the most caring and transparent from the Turkish Drs i contacted. He usually seems to be getting reviews as honest but more than that I really dont know.


He does FUT too if Erdogan said your grafts are too low if thats an option


Gd luck

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I was earmarked for an HT with Yaman but it didn't take place. My unsuccessful quest for a suitable FUE surgeon might also be of interest to you guys, all the more since this forum played some part in my story.


At 58 the hair remaining on the top of my head is hair that had been successfully transplanted by FUT some 28 year ago in Germany. I didn’t want to have a second FUT so I went shopping for an FUE. My goal was not to cover my baldness but to get more density where hair was present, for which 2000 implants could be sufficient, more than 3000 excessive.


I first went to Dr Path in Bangkok. I know, who in his right mind would fly all the way to Thailand to get an FUE with a Dr who has no FUE record? The fact is I was retiring to Thailand and had no idea Thailand was the last place on earth for FUEs. Neither did I know Dr Path was not at all into FUEs. I naively assumed Thailand was a cosmetic surgery Mecca and that all hair surgeons in Thailand must be state-of-the-art.


I read the deal about Dr Path on this forum in my Bangkok hotel, late at night on the very eve of the day set for my operation with Dr Path. It all made sense. During the interview Dr Path had indeed tried to steer me towards an FUT, even mentioning the possibility of a “combined FUT-FUE” (although I only needed 2000 grafts to densify). Cancelling at short notice meant I lost the 10000 baht deposit but being based in Europe which seemed to be the place on Earth for FUEs, there was no way I was going to have an FUE in a country known for anything but FUEs let alone with a surgeon who had no FUE record. 10000 baht was not the end of the world but I think Dr Path should be more outspoken about the technique he specialises in. There’s nothing wrong with clinging to a technique if that’s the one you’re comfortable with.


Back from Bangkok I set out to contact the Erdogan team in Turkey. The online form looked like it didn’t upload properly from my Android device (probably to do with the pics being too bulky), so I wrote an email with the pics attached and supplying the same info as that required in the online form. I made it clear I was using email because the online form had misfired. What I got was a reply saying please would I use the online form. My real name, which I’d mentioned in my mail, was ignored, instead I was addressed by my yahoo handle. I ticked Erdogan off my list.


I then applied by email plus pics to De Reys in Belgium, specifying I would be in Belgium through most of May and June. No reply. Another case of an mail address that is just a spam folder trap.


Not until I mailed Resul Yaman in Turkey were my enquiries followed by tangible results. The procedure was described in detail and a price of 3000 euros for 3000 implants was quoted. The only aspect I disliked was the insistence I should preload with either finasteride or a Turkish herbal combo containing Saw Plametto (natural equivalent of finasteride). I didn’t want to go down that road. One reason to get hair surgery is to avoid fucking up your hormone balance. This, however, was not a deal breaker and I decided to go ahead with Resul Yaman. Fikret (Yaman’s middle person I presumed) asked me to book a flight to Istanbul around the agreed date, which I did at once, mailing the copy of my ticket (Frankfurt-Istambul, 176 euros, non-refundable). Fikret’s reply said “Thank you for booking. I am making your arrangement now and I will send you your confirmation as soon as possible.”


That was the 13th of March. Since then: nothing! Strict radio silence.


Since the ticket was non refundable I decided to spend a week in Istanbul as a tourist (I’m a pensioner now so time is not an issue).


Yes, I know, why the hell didn’t I write back to Fikret to ask hey guys, what’s the deal with my hair transplant on May 17th? Well that’s exactly the point. Chasing was not a good idea. There was health aspect here and I didn’t want to put my health in the hands of people who were careless. What makes it all more absurd is that I’m not even after a 1 euro/graft operation. Twice or even three times that price was still ok as far as I’m concerned. I am not exactly strapped for cash.


Has my lucky star been warning me not to have a second hair transplant because it would be bad for me this time? More likely, hair surgeons are hopelessly overbooked as less and less men accept their genetic fate. The World will soon need as many hair surgeons as dentists.


P.S. After arriving in Istanbul I wrote a mail to the Erdogan clinic saying I was in Istanbul for a week and might I drop by for a quick consultation. I got a kind reply in my own native tongue saying they were booked up until July.

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