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  1. How was the scar repair of dr K. im considering him for the same purpose
  2. hyperhair

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    Whats the cost of H&W vs Rahal?
  3. I talked to Karadeniz and his assistant setup a WhatsApp group with him to ask him direct questions. I found him the most caring and transparent from the Turkish Drs i contacted. He usually seems to be getting reviews as honest but more than that I really dont know. He does FUT too if Erdogan said your grafts are too low if thats an option Gd luck
  4. Hey man, Im only active when I read Yaman posts ). I don't think you should follow the recommendations and comments of all members including myself with closed eyes, most of us don't any medicinal background !! I dont have any experience with Demirsoy but in Turkey if you can afford Erdogan go for it. The section process IMO is mostly based on risk minimization and Erdogan is super consistent. Why don't you contact a couple of Turkish and other TOP US ones and see if the recommendation align? Just be 200% sure before you go cause even the TOP Drs do mistakes so the less risk you have the better cheers
  5. If you have read horror stories then don't consider him. I'm in the process of fixing my horror story with him and its more expensive then the original procedure. I dont understand why people keep dreaming about Yaman. Everyone wants to find the GREAT and CHEAP surgeon.. I tried twice and it doesn't exist. Its your decision but beware of the consequences What are you looking for FUE or FUT? You should contact about 10 Drs, make an excel sheet with their comments and then decide who you are most comfortable with. Make enough research, at the end the look is your to worry about. The one advice I can give you is that North American Drs cover same area with less grafts than Turkish. Don't compare prices per grafts but more of area covered. If you want to stay in turkey go with Erdogan or Karadeniz after you consult them and feel comfortable with
  6. Erdogan or Karadeniz Dont go to anybody else in Turkey especially Resul Yaman. Search the old posts in this forum and dont repeat our mistakes Gd luck
  7. Great video as usual Dr Lindsey. Your videos are very educational Thank you
  8. Whats with Dr Lindsey if I may ask?
  9. Dr Willian Lindsey and Dr Cooley are among the best in the world from my own research. Im planning in person assessment which will cost me flight tickets to their clinics but given that I have a failed or transplant behind me like you Im being ver careful on my next steps
  10. If you didnt go yet. DONT Protect your grafts..You will regret hurting the remaining ones..Money is not everything. If they extract another 4K grafts and it doesn't go very well you wont be able to do any other future HT I saw a guy the other day who has incredibly thin donor due to multiple FUEs at low quality clinics. Beware dude its the worst. Its 10000% worst than FUT scar
  11. Hey mate I was hoping you end up in a better place than the rest of us. As said earlier don't worry there is still hope. Start talking to the good Drs and completely ignore the recommendations on this website. The amount of donor depletion that I have from the operation is insane. Shoot Karadeniz an email else save and get out of Turkey. I highly doubt its a good move to do another FUE anywhere even if its Koray. I saw someone the other day with super thin donor area possibly from multiple FUEs and you dont want to be like that guy. You cant cover it Yaman is a FRAUD
  12. start planing your 2nd HT man at a better surgeon. I warned you about Yaman a a year ago but the good news is you have good donor area. Don't overthink it we all got screwed by the recommendation of this surgeon
  13. Don't do Yaman. Dont rely on the recommendation f this website or the results that he shares. check the results actual forum member share. Gd luck
  14. Yeah thats the standard Yaman density that all of us have. Your hair will get a bit thicker but dont expect double density. I hope you it gets thicker for you man but Im just talking from my own experience. There is a reason why i told you not to go to Yaman. Don't panic and make the most out of the situation