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Hi all, I heard somewhere that in the months after a transplant and when hair starts to grow, and obviously keeps growing, that it can go in phases where it looks thicker then thinner then thicker again, etc. until between 12 and 18 months when everything is all synced up and the result is at 100%… Does anyone know this to be true?


I ask because I feel like I'm actually noticing this in myself, Im at just over five months out right now, and I have my days when I look in the mirror and go "damn this looks good " and my days where I say the opposite.



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It could be due to the different hair cycles or just the texture of the hair. My transplanted hair was initially crinkly and took about a good year for the majority of it to settle down and become softer looking and more like the rest of my head. I am nearly 2 years post op and al if not all are no longer crinkly. The crinkly hair actually made my HT look more dense as well

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Hair follicles cycle intermittently and generally follow periods of resting, shedding, and growing.


And yes this is why it takes 12-15 months post-op to experience the full mature results of any HT procedure.


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