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  1. Hi all, I heard somewhere that in the months after a transplant and when hair starts to grow, and obviously keeps growing, that it can go in phases where it looks thicker then thinner then thicker again, etc. until between 12 and 18 months when everything is all synced up and the result is at 100%… Does anyone know this to be true? I ask because I feel like I'm actually noticing this in myself, Im at just over five months out right now, and I have my days when I look in the mirror and go "damn this looks good " and my days where I say the opposite. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, much appreciated. I only hit the Nizoral probably every 8 or 9 days to be honest.
  3. Hi all! This past January 2nd (2017) I had an FUE of 2,300 grafts (2,000 in the hair line and frontal tuft, 300 in the crown)... read my profile for the full history. Anyway, this procedure was just a density procedure for the most part, plus dropping the right side of my hair line down a bit. I've never been totally bald... I jumped on this young. At 4.5 months obviously not much has happened yet, a little has, but the principal growth is still to come of course. My questions are two... One, I understand it is normal for about 9 months after the procedure for the hair to kind go in phases where sometimes it'll look thinner, then thicker, then a little thinner again, etc etc. Is this true? Because it seems that way. Last week it looked bitchin'... this week it's a bit softer and unruly. Two, once the healing is all done and the scalp is back to normal, you can wash like normal and it shouldn't effect anything correct? I know this seems obvious, but I feel like after the last time I washed (I use Nizoral and baby shampoo, and switch off, washing 2-3 times a week) it got sort of thinner and see through... which would make sense considering I washed out the Rogaine and natural oils, but it hasn't thickened up again yet. Also I've been seeing 2 or 3 half inch or so hairs when applying Rogaine lately on my hands... kinda worried this is new stuff coming out, although I know it's normal for anyone to shed a bit here and there. Those are my two big burning questions for now... I'd appreciate some insight for the sake of peace of mind. Thanks!