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A tip for those travelling by air to get a HT

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and make sure you stand up and walk around periodically. don't get a blood clot.


Dr. Lindsey,

This is a very interesting point that I was not aware of.


1. Is this also applicable to those who are travelling on the ground too, or only those flying?


2. I.e. is the problem, a patient who is sedentary for hours at a time after the hair transplant?


3. For new transplant receipients, should we walk around every 1 hour, 2 hours etc?


4. What should be the length of time periods between walks?


5. How long should the walks be?


6. How long should one continue with these walks (for the purpose of preventing blood clots) after receiving the hair transplant?


7. Is it not a good thing to have clotting of the blood, after the implantation of grafts?



take care...



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