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Nanogen Nanogaine ?? Does it work like Rogaine ?


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Nanogen Nanogaine ?? Does it work like Rogaine ?


has anyone tried it ??


it says it doesnt contain alcohol like other brands.


ive tried Rogaine twice and it makes my hair really annoyingly greasy.


i had thick long, very long hair all my life. Half way down my back and was known by everyone for having so. Even had a massive fringe that girls would call cylops. Even the girls used to be jealous of my long hair that would naturally form what they called "ringlets".. they loved them.


Been loosing hair on the crown since i was 22... but the last 12 months ive been thinning a lot on top and big space on the mid scalp. Wish i knew about propecia back in 1996.


I sort of have long hair, weird lately the sides still grew past my shoulders nearly half way down my back. Makes for my frustration why it can grow down the sides and not my back. Rest of me is hairy all over but on top. Weird.


I use a concealer, nanogen nanofibres. But i seem to use one container each 3 days. But yeah the hair loss is accelerating fast. It sux majorly and worries me. I dont go out anymore. When i do i feel like everyone is looking at me. Which doesnt help.


Im holding out until october this year for my brothers wedding. In the hope i still have hair and can conceal the thinning bald spots for the photos. After that im afraid i may have to shave it off. Its going to be a very very sad day. I will hate it big time after always wanting and enjoying long hair all my life.


I was going to buy a hair piece but have been thinking hard and long about it. Read some articles on this forum about them which make good points. I saw one old guy in the supermarket today and thought "not for me.. its so obvious. I would be more paranoid wearing one".


All those years being hassled for having long hair and some girls saying they wont date me because of it. Now the complete opposite. People hassling me for being bald and girls not wishing to date me. I cant win.


Anyway sorry im woffling on.. back to the subject



does Nanogen Nanogaine ?? Does it work like Rogaine ?

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Hi Steak!


I use the Nanofibres too, and have spoken to Nanogen about their other products. Basically they're quite reticent about what their products do, they say that for example Nanogaine works in the same way as Rogaine, but using a different chemical to Minoxidil, so it isn't a prescription drug.


The plus side of this is it's alcohol free, the downside is it's unproven. The guy I spoke to last said they'd love to do proper trials, but no way can they afford it so they can't.


Basically it's a side-effect (apart from shedding) free unproven alternative to minoxidil. As it doesn't contain minoxidil I'd try something with minoxdil first, unless there's a reason you can't.


Or you could I guess use them together? Would be quite expensive though.

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