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Obsessing on whether I am balding


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Let me introduce myself. I am 25 year old Caucasian-male and I work in the software industry. About three weeks ago I went to get a hair cut as I usually do every 2-4 weeks. But this time, while the hair stylist was cutting my hair in the front, I noticed that I can see my scalp more than I had ever noticed before. My father, who is deceased now, had a full head of hair when he passed away at the age of 44. His brother though, my uncle, has a MPB since his mid-30s and now well into his early 50s. Six months ago I was diagnosed with Psoriasis on my body. My scalp sometimes itches and sheds skin and I use a special shampoo once or twice every few months to get rid of the dandruff and itchiness. I don't have scaly Psoriasis patches on my had that should cause this(me thinks).


Since I had the most terrifying experience I've ever had at Supercuts, I decided to monitor the next weeks or months, and see if I was losing hair. During the three weeks so far, I noticed that I am starting to leave more and more hair behind me. A little bit on my desk, more & more around my bathroom counter and sink. Even last night, while I was taking an exam, a few single hairs fell on the test itself. I've been obsessing about it for the past 3 weeks, but at the same time kept telling myself that it's normal to shed hair daily. After all it's normal to shed 50-100 hairs a day. (Denial?)


I have thick and wavy hair and must wash it in the mornings before work to make it manageable. Although, it's been a week since the last time I used the sink for this purpose. This morning I was running late to work and washed my hair in the sink as I often do. . After I got done washing, I noticed that the sink was full of hair. It has never happened to me before that I shed so much hair after washing it. I am sure I'd have noticed it before even if I had never purposely tried to pay attention to it. Last week when I washed my hair in the sink it was just about 10 hairs left behind and I didn't know if it was a lot. I am no expert, but my gut told me something wasn't right so I counted it again today and there were over 30 hair strings left behind.


I am not sure what to do. I am not sure if this is due to stress (I don't feel more stressed than usual), lack of sleep, excessive ejaculation, SingulAir 10 (antihistamine prescription medicine) I started taking five weeks ago, or if it is the devil itself -- Male-pattern baldness.


As I mentioned before, I have very thick and wavy hair, but I am starting to notice more of my scalp in the front than I had ever noticed before. It is minimal, but I am noticing it. How do I know if I am balding for sure though? Should I start using Rogaine/Propecia or wait longer? Why do I get a "stinging" sensation on my scalp lateley? To many questions to ask!


I have no clue if this is rapid hair loss or I just started noticing it, but I can tell you that 2 months ago I didn't notice my scalp as much as I do now.

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Hi Giggsy-


First off, take a deep breath,relax and count to ten. I know how it feels to see you hair in the sink and start to see a shiny scalp when you couldn't before in months past. It's going to be really difficult to tell you if what you are experiencing is MPB or if there is another conditon involved.


From the sounds of your scalp condition, the flakiness and discomfort, it sounds like you have Sebhoraic Dermatitis or something very similar. I have the same condition myself where a yeast builds up on the scalp and you have to use a medicated shampoo to help get rid of the scales. Fun? Absolutely!


When the scales are removed from the scalp, you can tend to shed hair. The hair is breaking off but the roots are still alive underneath the skin and will regrow.


The best thing that I could suggest is to go see a qualified HT doc who has been highly recommended on this website. They will be much better suited to tell you what is happening with your noggin'. I can assure you that you will not be losing hair from too much sex or from lack of sleep. Your condition sounds like it's the beginnings of male pattern baldness but you need to check with a doc to make sure.


I started losing my hair when I was 24. Some of my friends started losing there hair when they were 21. Hair loss happens at all ages and goes through periods of rapid loss and no loss at all. The good news? You now live in an age of top docs who perform stellar transplants. There is also meds to slow down, stop and in some rare cases reverse the loss. Hope this helps.

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Hey there Giggsy,


I wouldn't start counting hairs. Since all of us loose 100's of hairs on a daily basis.

The question is are those hairs regenerating less & less which can siganl MPB.


I will be 52 in Dec. I remember being in my early 20's when I first statred noticing my MPB. It wa at work in a bathroom mirror that I discovered I could see my scalp more & more throough my hair. Especially at certain angles.


It took years for my hair to become thin enough to warrant a HT.


So most guys on here will tell you to get on meds at this point. ie: Propecia, Minoxidil.

You can see a recommended HT doctor from this site that is close to your location & get a free consult.

If he determines that you have MPB you can get him to write you a script for propecia.

You can buy Rogaine anywhere without a script.


Beware of side effects as they seem to affect some of us but not all.


And since your here start researching about the meds so you know what to expect.


Good luck pal!

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So two and a half weeks passes by and I am still shedding hair in the same amounts if not more. I am starting to notice my scalp more and more and it is definitely starting to look more and more like diffused thinning on the crown. I went to get some lab work done with my physician, but I haven't gotten the results yet.

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